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Alice Wheaton knows about the challenges associated with moving to the next level of performance first-hand.

First, she was a teacher in Northern Newfoundland.

Then, she became an intensive care nurse.

Then, six years later, she was hired as the first woman on her team at Xerox Canada.

Then, she became the Salesperson of the Year in her first full year of selling.

Now, she is a consultant, author, trainer, and a professional speaker, helping others create new opportunities and achieve challenging goals.

For the past eighteen years Alice has coached and trained technical experts across North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim in all aspects of sales.

Alice’s book, Say No to Me: The True Power of UpSide-Down Selling, is a National best seller and has been translated into seven languages. Another book, The Forgiveness Prescription: Get Rapid Relief from Fears, Anger, and Resentment has been endorsed many notable experts including Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson and is translated into five languages.

“Creating a successful business is for those who are mentally tough, passionate of heart, and know how to take the necessary steps to support their vision and dreams” Alice

“Alice does one thing better than any other sales trainer in North America… she has phenomenal success with teaching ordinary people how to overcome their fear of Cold Calling!”

Alice delivers keynote addresses and workshops. A combination keynote followed by a workshop can be very powerful and effective for your group. Welcome the woman who is passionate about helping sales teams create new opportunities and achieve challenging goals. She’s positively inspirational and sure to increase your sales.

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