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Location: Calgary, AB

Reputation: National

Evan Weselake, as an articulate speaker and facilitator, has conducted more than 1,200 workshops and keynotes in the past decade. As a coach and consultant, he has worked with clients in retail, oil and gas, health care, the financial sector, service sectors, academics, and the hospitality industry.

Evan will help you get the very best from your people by improving the human environment in which they work. With graduate degrees in both Performance Psychology and Human Resources, he has a deep understanding of motivation and performance in any team environment. Evan began developing curriculum for other speakers and trainers before realizing his passion. He loves to be a part of the group, and to make a difference in their lives.

Evan knows first-hand the power that culture, and environment have on the performance level of an individual and a team. He will relate real life experiences that stem from having:

  • An Effective Team
  • A Great Coach/Mentor
  • People that are Truly Motivated

Evan is also an ultra-endurance athlete. He is an avid adventurer, a member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, and past-member of the Canadian Ski Patrol System, accredited with Wilderness Emergency Response and Avalanche Rescue. He models a balanced approach to health, life and fitness.

Evan brings a fresh perspective to Team Skills training, Coaching and Motivation. Experience has created a bridge between the worlds of academia, business and survival. He carries a lot of energy in his presentations.

Evan's casual relaxed style in the room creates an environment where people feel included and are eager to learn new skills. He creates an instant rapport with audience Members. This has endeared him to many groups, from executive keynotes to front-line skills training.

The most common comment after Evans' sessions is… "I wish we had more time."

For more information and bookings: 1.866.420.3338 info@speakersalberta.com


"Your presentation and the tie to teamwork and corporate performance really struck a chord ~ I heard some incredible feedback from the participants. You were able to do what many speakers are unable to do which is make a memorable connection between a meaningful life situation and valuable learning. Everyone had their favourite story but the key point in my mind is that people REMEMBERED the stories and will APPLY the learnings!"

Gary Tanner, COO EnerPlus Resources Fund
"The group REALLY CONNECTED with your presentation, and the key quotes you had; "Training your weakness, Race your strengths", "PLAN to COPE", and others. They used these throughout the day three exercises when they were planning for next year's key initiatives"
Jennifer Buhl Annual Retreat Planner
"This is the most important content we've covered all day!"
David Anderson, Unicity Logistics
"Little decisions are the most important ~ because you are constantly met with things that take you one-way or to the integrity way. The big ones [decisions] are obvious."
Nick, Owner Metro Media
"Many years of outdoor adventuring and coaching has given him [Evan] a truly special perspective on everyday life and how that perspective can help the average person's daily struggle. It's how we choose to make the hundreds of little decisions that face us every day. To say that Evan delivered on the day of his presentation is an understatement. He left us wanting more. I distinctly remember thinking… I could use another half hour of this."
Renee DeSimone, Promotional Products Association of Canada
"He spoke with such power and animation, it was hard not to be swept away by his energy and message."
Heather MacKenzie, New Heights - Annual Fund Raiser, New Heights - Annual Fund Raiser
"Lots of interaction and great content."
Barb Heise
"Straightforward and a relaxed attitude. You made me realize that the joy I get from the things I do should be part of everything I do at work."
Owner Top Notch Specialty
"Very fast pace . . . Never a dull moment."
C. Galarneau Swarm Enterprises
"Thanks for making me think!"
Andrea Cariou, Account Manager Archway Marketing
"The Retailers left your session with new energy to deal with the day-to-day staffing issues they face. The interactive work they did to produce new ideas for each of attracting, retaining and motivating staff let them hear from their peers and helped them to formulate new solutions to daily challenges."
Barb Reimer, Operations Manager Husky Energy
"I wanted to take time to thank you for your participation in the Prairie Province Idea Exchange. Feedback was extremely positive and clearly some of the conversations extremely spirited. Evan your involvement certainly added value to the day."
Bob Knight, VP Ivanhoe Cambridge
"I'd like to say that the experience of having Evan Weselake provide a workshop to our faculty about enhancing our presentation skills and building our strategies to become top-notch speakers to a variety of audiences was invaluable. Evan is highly skilled and knowledgeable in this field and shared his insights in meaningful exercises for the group, excellent clips that demonstrated his points so clearly in an accessible format. Evan is dynamic, completely engaging, and his passion for this work is endless. I recommend Evan to other post-secondary groups of academics who are looking to gain an edge in their conference presentations, talks with media, keynote addresses, general speeches, and just taking informally to others and representing our research and what we do. Thanks Evan, it was wonderful to spend a day with you."
Dr. Gina Wong, Associate Professor, Athabasca University
Interviews and Articles

Calgary Herald
CBC Radio
CBC Television
CNN Headline News
CNN Morning News
Discovery Channel
Greatest Survival Stories of 2003
LA Times - Outdoor Section
Los Angeles Times
Men's Journal
Mountain Zone
National Geographic Adventurer
National Public Radio
Public Pulse
Rocky Mountain Outlook
Rocky Mountain Rambler
Yoga Journal

Very Partial List of Recent Clients

Athabasca University
Cadillac Fairview
Canadian Wheat Board
Enerplus Resources Fund
Husky Energy
Ivanhoe Cambridge
Lac La Biche Day Care - Portage College
Manitoba Liquor Control Board
Northwest Independent Living Services
Parmalat Dairy
Petro Canada
Subway Devco
Veritas GeoServices
Winnipeg Health Authority

For more information and bookings: 1.866.420.3338 info@speakersalberta.com

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