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Business Writing
In the Digital Age

Location: Canmore, AB

Reputation: National

Since his 1987 graduation from New York University's School of Journalism (Magna Cum Laude), Michael Vlessides has made a career of crafting the written word and teaching businesspeople how to do the same. His body of work is varied and extensive, and he brings this broad range of experience into every keynote and workshop he presents.

Michael is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer. He uses good-natured humour to get his points across. He teaches the finer points of business communication. Through his Textman Writing Workshops he has helped dozens of companies and hundreds of employees refine their professional writing skills and electronic etiquette.

Michael has authored six books to date, and contributed to several others. Most recently, he co-authored You Gotta Eat Here, Too!, a follow-up to the 2012 best-selling You Gotta Eat Here! (Harper Collins, Toronto)

In 2011, Michael wrote the national best-seller The Ice Pilots: Flying With The Mavericks Of The Great White North (D&M Publishers, Vancouver). Michael has also written Les Stroud's best-selling Will To Live, Dispatches From The Edge Of Survival and Survive! How To Get Out Of Anywhere... Alive
The roots of Michael's diverse writing career stretch back to the New York City offices of Major League Baseball Properties, where he was responsible for writing and editing newsletters, press releases, product catalogs and presentation packages. Michael has also contributed to many sports and medical trade publications over the past two-and-a-half decades. Once associate editor of Gastroenterology Observer, he is a Senior Writer with Gastroenterology and Endoscopy News, Pain Medicine News, and Anesthesiology News (McMahon Publishing, NY, NY).

Michael, who served as editor of Up Here magazine in 1996-97, has contributed to many of the world's finest consumer magazines, including International Wildlife, Canadian Geographic, British Columbia Magazine, Reader's Digest, Canadian Wildlife, Explore, L'Actualité, and Avenue. A 1998 Canadian Geographic article garnered him a National Magazine Award Honourable Mention. Michael helped the Calgary Urban Project Society create and publish the city's first and only 'street newspaper', Calgary Street Talk. Michael served as founding editor of Street Talk for a year, seeing the publication through its fledgling stages before passing on the editorial reins.

Michael also produces a considerable body of written collateral materials for North American companies large and small. This includes annual reports, corporate brochures, newsletters, flyers, product sheets, and print advertisements.

A citizen of both Canada and the USA, Michael chooses to live in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

For more information and bookings: 1.866.420.3338 info@speakersalberta.com


"Of course, I expected the workshop to be helpful for those of us who sometimes struggle with written communication, but I never expected the depth of topics one person could cover in a single day. You were incredible! It is clear to me that all business people in all industries are, as you said, professional writers... and all would benefit greatly from taking one of your workshops."

Ken Davies, President, Lumina Management Consultants
"The feedback from attendees in all three cities was very positive and you helped make this year's event a real success. Here are just a few remarks we received about your Mastering Written Communications In the Digital Age session: He was excellent at giving examples, engaging the room, allowing discussion but also respectfully moving on from participants' comments; Excellent presenter - makes audience comfortable while they learn...not condescending'; Presented in a fun and engaging way; I loved this presentation. I am a self-proclaimed wordsmith and word-nerd, so it was right up my alley; Excellent speaker for the morning. He woke me up and kept me interested; Excellent presentation! Engaging, entertaining, and very relevant; You were a pleasure to work with, Mike, and we appreciate the time you took to understand this specific audience. It made your session extremely relevant and your insights on digital communications were particularly eye-opening.. Well done. We are happy to highly recommend you to any organization looking to better connect with clients by making simple communication style improvements."
Patricia Alderson, M.A., Director, Corporate & Small Business, Arete Human Resources
"A great refresher on the fundamentals of business writing which can be applied on a daily business". Mike is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter... it was so helpful!"
Jameel Keshavic, Systems Analyst, Lumina Management Consulting
"Your commitment to your clients is second to none, and when it comes to helping businesspeople be more professional and effective writers, it is clear that you have earned the title "Textman"!"
Mike Kerr, Professional Speaker and Author
"You are, simply put, the best writing instructor I have ever met! Don't know where I'd be without you!"
Kim Cameron, Cameron Communications Group
"Michael made the workshop fun and engaging, and he shared many insightful experiences that helped me learn a host of business writing tips and tricks."
Brian DePaoli, Project Manager, Canadian Mountain Cabins
"Mike's dedication to the written word is unparalleled. His presentations are relevant, hugely helpful, and most of all... fun!
Bruce Millar, Owner, Lake O'Hara Lodge
"You are a great presenter! You made the workshop fun. The topics were very relevant; I only wish we had more time. I have benefitted a lot by attending today's session. Thank you!"
Amir Lakhani, Systems Consultant, Lumina Management Consulting
"Mike is the finest presenter, writer, and teacher that I know."
Les Stroud, Survivorman
"Thank you for a very fun, informative workshop. I am motivated to improve my business writing skills."
Lorrie O'Brien, General Manager, Municipal Services, Town of Canmore
"The workshop was extraordinarily interactive, and kept my attention throughout the entire day."
Lisa Guest, Supervisor of Parks, Town of Canmore
"Great course, Mike! Nice use of candy, too."
Andy Esarte, Manager, Engineering Services, Town of Canmore
"Your many and varied activities were a perfect way to solidify the concepts you taught throughout the day. Your sense of humour is infectious, and who can argue with all the treats you tossed around? A fantastic way to spend a day!" (on web site)
Ellen Thuringer, Manager, Parenting Resource Centre, Town of Canmore
"I was delighted with the Textman Writing Workshops on communications in the workplace, namely Business Writing Made Easy and Essential Electronic Etiquette." (on web site)
Jane Neil, Program Coordinator, Bow Valley College
"The Town of Canmore would recommend Mike Vlessides and the Business Writing Made Easy workshop to any organization looking to improve writing skills while having some fun along the way." (on web site)
Sally Caudill, PhD, Communication Coordinator, Town of Canmore
Partial List of Presentations
Academy Professional Information Services
American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists
Applied Terravision Systems
Arete Human Resources
Bow Valley College
Cameron Communications Group
Canada ICI Mortgage Services
Canadian Mountain Cabins
Cheryl Starr Design
Computer Tech Consultants
Creative Intelligence
Community Futures West
Daniel Secter Dentistry
Dorsey & Whitney
Gibney, Anthony, & Flaherty
Harper Collins Canada
International Medical News Group
Lake O'Hara Lodge
Les Stroud Productions
Lumina Management Consultants
Michael Kerr
McMahon Publishing
Orrick, Herrington, & Sutcliffe Outcrop
Major League Baseball Properties
Milne & Craighead
Morgan, Lewis, & Bocchius
Perkins Coie
Quest International
Simon Donato
Strategic Merchandising Associates
Town Of Canmore
Vista Engineering
Wood Gundy Financial Services

For more information and bookings: 1.866.420.3338 info@speakersalberta.com

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