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Byron Smith is a combination of mountaineer, businessman, author, devoted father, son and brother. He is an outstanding motivational speaker for business, public service, trade and professional audiences.

Byron delivers riveting keynote addresses on any subject related to Leadership, Overcoming Adversity, Goal-Setting, Commitment, Motivation, Problem-Solving, Risk Management, Balancing Family, and Success. He also delivers practical workshops on Leadership, Team Building, Sales and Marketing. He is constant demand all over the world.

Both best results and the best bang for your buck, it's clever to book Byron to present both an inspirational keynote address followed by a pragmatic workshop.

His most popular keynote is See You At The Top, the title of his book.

Whether managing his businesses, playing sports, motivating and inspiring corporations, or relaxing with his family, Byron has always set high standards for himself, exemplifying success through his extremely focused and goal-oriented personality.

Byron Smith - Book - See You At The Top

Byron has spoken to hundreds of organizations and corporations throughout Canada, Oceana, the U.S. and Europe, delivering his motivational message that "You can be and do anything you want in life, if you believe in yourself and want it badly enough". With his intense drive, focus, and determination, Byron has helped thousands of individuals believe in themselves and make it to the top - physically, professionally, and personally.

Byron's drive and determination started at as a young adult. At age 14, Byron left home to play Jr "A" Hockey. Byron's athletic ability and love of all sports extended off the ice and by age 18, Byron had set 26 provincial and regional track and field records. This was just the start of Byron's incredible repertoire of achievements.

While playing Senior 'A' hockey in the town of Fernie B.C., Byron took on a Parts Apprenticeship position at a local dealership. At the age of 21, Byron set a goal to own a dealership before the age of 30, and at 29 he achieved that goal. For 22 years, his focused and goal-oriented personality has made his Ford dealership one of the largest volume Ford dealerships in Southern Alberta, Canada.

For the past six years Byron Smith Ford has received the highest Dealership honour of the Ford Motor Company, the prestigious "Presidents Award" which recognizes not only business acumen but outstanding customer satisfaction and retention.

From the age of 16, Byron dreamed of climbing the world's highest peak — Mount Everest in Nepal after reading The Ascent of Everest by John Hunt. By age 34, Byron pursued and renewed an interest in mountain climbing – the first step to making his dream as a young boy, a reality.

Using his business knowledge, and mountaineering experience, Byron organized and led Everest 2000, the most televised Everest Expedition in history. On May 21, 2000, at 7:05AM. Nepal time, live on CBC Television, Byron's triumphant statement: "I can't go any further… I'm on top of the world", was heard and seen by millions of people in Canada and the United States.

Byron has the distinction of climbing the highest mountains on all seven continents, completing his Seven Summits Quest, making him one of only a handful of Mountaineers to have accomplished this feat which included the Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia.

A director on various companies and foundations, Byron is a philanthropist and tireless fundraiser for causes close to his heart, including the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation in support of The Sherpa People of Nepal. In 2006 Byron hosted the first Calgary-based Gala Fundraiser for the SEHF, and has continued to do this every year since. In addition to the Gala, Byron also hosts the Calgary Tower Rappel which allows participants to rappel 626 feet down the side of the Calgary Tower in exchange for a $10,000.00 donation to the SEHF.

In September 2010, Byron climbed another mountain, the mountain of life, when he experienced a challenge possibly bigger than Everest. Byron suffered a brain aneurysm, which healed on its own. It was a miracle according to his surgeons.

Oct 7, 2014 heralded another milestone in Byron's career as after 25 years as a Ford Dealer. He sold his business to pursue other business adventures and interests.

Byron is also passionate musician playing guitar and piano to accompany his singing.

For more information and bookings: 1.866.420.3338 info@speakersalberta.com

Byron Smith Testimonials

"Every time I speak it is with the sole purpose of instilling in just one individual the notion that Everest is just a mountain and I'm an average guy. My achievements rest in setting of goals and following the logical steps required to attain them. Any goal can be achieved and to recognize this is to place the world in the palm of your hand."

Byron Smith
"On behalf of the Vancouver Canucks, I would like to express our thanks for your inspiring presentation. We have many mountains to climb, and your experiences that require dedication, perseverance and focus are an inspiration to our players as to the qualities we need to reach the Top. Thank you for a tremendous job."
Marc Crawford, Head Coach, Vancouver Canucks NHL Hockey Club, Santa Rosa
"our remarkable achievement was what first convinced me that you would provide the ideal example of -Outstanding Performance - that we wanted to showcase in our 2004 National Company Meeting in Ottawa. Your Riveting performance is what convinced me I should send along this note of thanks. The ability to overcome great obstacles and achieve remarkable success is one thing. The ability to tell the story in a way that inspires others can be quite another matter. You proved you were equally adept in both areas and that is truly exceptional. You managed to drive home an important message in a way that no one else could have done. Thank you for the absolutely key contribution you made toward our meetings' success"
Vernon L.C. McCory, President, Mead Johnson Canada, Toronto
"A motivating experience. What a wonderful example of dedication, determination, planning and execution to overcome the odds and achieve your goal."
Don Wheaton Sr. Chairman CEO, First Canadian Insurance, Las Vegas
"Allow me to offer my heart felt and head felt recommendation of Byron Smith as a Keynote speaker for your next business conference or meeting. This is given confidently and is based on Byron's unique ability to deliver a presentation that is both incredibly motivational and inspiring while consistently bridged back to business applications. The result of this approach together with Byron's excellent presentation style is that his presentation is far more engaging than any other motivational speakers I have heard or personally engaged in the past."
Doug Paul, Managing Director, ING FUNDS, Toronto
"Thank you very much for the fantastic presentation you gave our customers. Very motivational and entertaining. An incredible story of your climb, the challenges you faced, disappointments and achievements were really impressive to witness. We will not soon forget it"
Scott Horner, Advanta Canada Inc. Red Deer
"Byron presented at our conference to an International audience of key decision makers and senior managers of education departments. His Keynote was unanimously acclaimed as Inspirational and Remarkable. He has had a profound effect on how leading educators face the difficult challenges they face on a daily basis. We will long remember Byron's presentation as he has left clear footprints and a trail that we will follow to Success. A remarkable presentation by a remarkable man!"
John Davies, Conference Director, ICT Convention, Birmingham England
"Very moving and extremely motivating."
Carson Wolfer, Telus Corporation, Vancouver
"Byron showed us just how powerful the tools of self- confidence and preparation are in achieving your goal. Everyone in our company still talks about the presentation. It was the perfect presentation for bringing our team together."
Don Smith, Partner, McKay & Partners LLP, Victoria and Calgary
"Thank you once again for making such a wonderful presentation and contribution to the success of our 60th annual convention in Las Vegas. I assure you that I speak for every one of the delegates when I say your presentation was not only entertaining but touched everyone. All of us lived the climb with you."
Richard Gauthier, President, CADA, Las Vegas
"Byron's five guiding principles are pure motivational power. A breath of fresh air for any organization. See You at the Top is guaranteed to move and shake your organization."
Oliver Bush, President, Quolus Financial, Toronto
"Byron you mesmerized the audience with you Passion, charm and reinforcement of family values. So much so you could have heard a pin drop. You demonstrated the impossible can be achieved by taking the time to plan and making sure to execute that plan based on goal setting, motivation, risk management and commitment. The video and photos were beyond comprehension. I recommend Byron to any group who wants to succeed."
Jeanne Girard, Sun Life Financial, Calgary
"I want to thank you for inspiring me to plan, climb, and conquer all my obstacles."
Richard Dolan, CEO, The Leadership Exchange, Toronto and Calgary
"Touching all your emotions, Byron re-awakens your inner-self to be better at what you do, by setting and accomplishing personal goals. Truly a stimulating and memorable experience."

Myron Love, Winnipeg Free Press, Las Vegas

"Your presentation was most inspiring and uplifting. It enabled all our Management Team to put into perspective and reflect on your message about determination and perseverance and how it can help them achieve success in their personal and professional life. Thank you."
Jacques Breunelle, Vice President Canada, Van Houtte Coffee Inc., Montreal
"On behalf of the Calgary Regional Management Team of Alberta Motor Association, please accept my sincere thanks for the excellent presentation at our strategy and planning meeting. I would enthusiastically recommend your presentation to any group or organization looking for a most rewarding, entertaining and motivating experience. It was a most sincere and inspiring recount."
Art Price, General Manager, AMA Alberta Motor Association, Calgary
"All our management team found your presentation deeply moving and inspiring. Your focus on Teamwork and Planning really brought us together as a group. I would strongly recommend you to any group looking to Inspire and build stronger relationships within their business."
Ed Penwarden, Vice Pres. and National Sales Manager, ING Investment Management Inc, Toronto
"Thank you for your insights and inspiration. It is an awesome story, what a pleasure to hear you speak to us in Atlanta. Thank you again"
Mark A. Clark, Kaiser Permanente Leader Conference, Atlanta
"Any organization interested in future prosperity would benefit from hearing and knowing you. You truly have a phenomenal success story. Thanks for sharing it with our management team. I am certainly going to raise my "TOP" after meeting you."
Richard J. Garber, President, Garber Automotive Management Group USA. Detroit
"Thank you for your fascinating and emotional presentation at our annual convention… you were terrific! Feedback has been outstanding, Unbelievable, Spellbinding, and Brought tears to my eyes, to name a few. Thank you for doing such a superb job"
Bill Watkins, President, Motor Dealers Association of Alberta, Canmore
From your opening words all 650 delegates sat mesmerized. You could have heard a pin drop. Your presentation brought Inspiration and hope, you really demonstrated the ability to succeed. Thank you for what you did for Rotary"
Monty Audenart, District Governor, Rotary International, Red Deer
"Your presentation was an outstanding close to our CAIFA conference. In the past ten years we have had two other Everest presenters. Yours was by far the most moving and effective. Thank you."
Robert McCullagh, 2001 Banff Chairman, CAIFA, Banff
"My complements on your fantastic presentation at the CADA conference in Las Vegas."
Michael Goetz, Editor, Canadian Auto World, Las Vegas
"Unbelievable. You were truly Inspirational, and in the presentation you could have heard a pin drop. Thank you again for your inspirational and indeed magical presentation."
John Freeman, Director of Education and Lifelong Learning, Dudley MBC England
"Your one-hour presentation in Scottsdale flew by in a flash, captivating our conference delegates. You made a clear link between the motivation and planning required to summit Everest and that needed to be successful in our personal and business lives. Our group rose to a standing ovation, we were truly entertained and inspired. Thank you."
Brad Hart, President, National Auto Auction Association USA, Scottsdale
"On behalf of our Board of Directors I want to express our gratitude for your compelling presentation. You clearly inspired the crowd with your fascinating and awe-inspiring presentation."
Richard L. Cummings, Executive Director, Integra Foundation, Las Vegas
"We would like to thank you again for your overwhelming presentation at the 2001 Alberta Coaches and Officials Symposium. All I can say is excellent job"
Shona Schleppe, Chairman, Alberta Sport, Recreation Parks & Wildlife Foundation
"Touching on all your emotions, Byron re-awakens your inner-self to be better at what you do. He has a rare capacity to virtually take you in his backpack with his warm and engaging manner. He holds the audience spellbound and you find yourself wanting to reach the top with him. Truly a stimulating and memorable experience."
Dick Paterson, Board Chairman, Canadian Automotive Institute, Las Vegas
"Everyone is still talking how inspirational Byron was, and how he made an impact on us. His presentation is valid in any walk of life and can be applied to any work or personal setting. I would highly recommend him to you as an outstanding speaker who can make a difference and have an impact with your people."
Sally Simpkin, Head of School Development, Wokingham District Council, UK.
"Thank you for the inspiring keynote presentation at our National Convention in Las Vegas. I felt the emotion, drive, disappointments, and shared in the triumph as if I was by your side making the climb up Mount Everest. I can personally attest that I have since applied the principles that you outlined in your presentation. That's what separates your presentation from others. Visually and emotionally I can draw upon your fascinating experiences for practical everyday decisions, and feel confident that I am doing what is right."
Thomas L. Hausfeld, President, American Salvage Pool Association USA, Memphis
"What an absolute pleasure to hear you speak at our conference. I want to thank you for your insights and inspiration. What an awesome story."
Mark Clark, Kaiser Permanente Leadership Conference, Atlanta
"Every year TRLabs hosts an International Conference on Wireless Communications that draws attendees from all over North America, Europe and Asia. This group of people is highly educated with a broad and diverse cultural background. One of the yearly challenges we face in organizing the conference is to find a speaker that is able to bridge those cultural differences, and who can speak to all attendees. This year for the Wireless 2003 Conference, we were fortunate to find Mr. Smith. The response to Mr. Smith's presentation was outstanding, with many of our regular conference-goers saying that he was the best that has been presented over the past 15 years. Personally, I found it fascinating, the pictures of the journey were wonderful, and the story carried us all away. People are still talking about it."
John McRory, P.Eng. Ph.D , Director TRLabs, Chairman Wireless 2003 Conference, TRLabs, Calgary
"I want to thank you for your captivating key note address at our Business Summit Meeting. Wherever we gathered formally or informally during the meeting that week, the conversation seemed to always gravitate toward your presentation. Your engaging and passionate presentation style made us all feel we were with you. You have a masterful technique of weaving these important life messages into one's business and personal life every day. Byron, your rich background of achievement and life's experiences is quite amazing and inspirational. But most importantly to us was your message that anyone can do it if they want to. Thanks again."
Michael W. Jahn, Vice President, Latin America and Canada, Mead Johnson Nutritionals Div., Bristol-Myers Squibb, Las Vegas
"I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the motivational presentation you delivered to our US sales organization in Las Vegas. Your positive attitude and desire to succeed while balancing personal values was communicated to our group with such enthusiasm we felt like we were making the Climb with you. Our audience was Captivated!" The presentation included clear examples of goal setting, motivation, dedication and commitment - all of which are necessary tools to achieve success in our business environment. Thank you again for an inspiring presentation."
Jose Rivero, Sr. Vice President, ADP Claims Services Group USA, Las Vegas
"Very enjoyable and inspiring presentation. Your passion for life, family and business is truly admirable"
Howard Sangwine, Director, Global Markets, Deutsche Bank, Chateau Lake Louise
"On behalf of IAP Life/SAL Group I would like to sincerely thank you for the inspirational message you delivered at our recent National Meeting in the Bahamas. Here are some of the comments from our people across the country. I was blown away. I had chills and tears in my eyes while watching, Byron managed to achieve something few speakers are capable of doing... he was able to express his determination and show us how it translates from personnel objectives into business. "We have had many speakers over the past 10 years but none with the impact of yours Byron"
Trevor Smolski, Regional Manager, IAP Life/SAL Group, Bahamas
"It is my pleasure to provide a letter of reference on behalf of Byron Smith. I have had the opportunity to hear Byron speak on two occasions – in 2001 in California as part of the Vancouver Canucks training camp and team building process, and more recently in North Vancouver when he delivered an inspiring presentation to a large group of our athletes, business peers and corporate advocates. On both occasions, Byron represented himself with professionalism and an approachable, down to earth style that had those in the audience respectful of his journey yet comfortable interacting and asking questions. He is well spoken with thoughtful messages suitable for those with lofty sporting goals, business challenges and career aspirations alike. Byron's presentation was well packaged with powerful images to engage the audience and drive home points. It would prove fascinating for anyone from any walk of life. Particularly noteworthy is Byron's personality. Twist Conditioning coaches athletes and educates sport and fitness professionals around the world. We pride ourselves on our corporate culture in which we challenge athletes, trainers and coaches to improve, with equally high expectations for ourselves, yet do so within an incredibly positive, fun and supportive environment. Byron Smith adds a lot to this environment, impacting all in the audience, in tune to the group dynamics needed to bring out the best in everyone. He is very positive and respectful of each individual he interacts with. Byron has represented himself consistently in all of my dealings with him over the past five years. We certainly hope to have the opportunity to bring Byron in each year. As Byron Smith coined, "See you at the top" – which is exactly what you feel like striving for after hearing him speak!"
Peter Twist, President & CEO, Twist Conditioning, Vancouver
"Byron, thank you for engaging our CRHBA members with such an inspiring speech! Your story captivated the hundreds of avid listeners in the room and left a profound impression on everyone's psyche pertaining to the balance between personal and professional challenges in life!"
Michael Nyikes, Director, Technical Affairs, Calgary Region Home Builders Association, Calgary
"Thanks so much for the excellent presentation you gave for me and my team today. We were certainly all captivated, through your excellent presentation skills, and the way in which you were able to make your accomplishments come alive for us. My team really felt like we were there with you as you set your goals, prepared for your excursions, trained and eventually summited Mount Everest. We were able to appreciate how, with clearly set goals and preparation, we can, both in business and personally, achieve beyond expectations. Thanks again for the presentation and the benefits that will stay with each of us through our lives."
Bill Hewson, Chief Internal Auditor, Canadian Pacific Railway, Calgary
"Byron Smith provided our team with an incredible experience... by focusing on believing in yourself and focusing on a dream, everyone in the room was able to envision themselves achieving their own "Everest" goals. There was not a dry eye in the room when Byron played his tape announcing he was on "top of the world", while his wife and son were home watching the event live on television. This was the second time I brought Byron Smith in front of a large corporate team. I was so impressed with his message, "See you at the top", that I asked for and received permission from Byron to use "See you at the top" as the theme for the entire meeting. Byron delivered an amazing experience to my team and delivered a very motivational message. Everyone left the room thinking about their own goals with the strong message that Byron portrayed - by focusing on a dream and wanting it so bad, you can achieve your own "Everest" success. Byron was amazing".
Dave Swinkin, Director, Americas Partner Sales Support, Hewlett-Packard Company, Las Vegas
"Byron Smith spoke at our team retreat, and was a great motivator for our young staff. He left them with an amazing lesson on the determination and sacrifice that it takes to reach your goals, big or small."
Luc Robitaille, President Business Operations, Los Angeles Kings NHL Hockey Team Los Angeles
"This is the second time we have brought Byron in to speak at our Sales Award Conference. Byron delivers a strong message that focuses on the fundamentals of your business. The planning that was done to climb the highest mountain in the world is very similar to our business planning, or yours... i.e. . being committed, being prepared for the unexpected, being resilient, having patience, practicing (practice, drill, rehearse and know your Trail to the Sale) and reaching for the top... Even if you do not quite make it, it is better to slightly fall short than to never have tried. Along the path there are constant challenges that we can overcome if we prepare. Byron's delivery is both Motivational and Emotional."
Steve Smallwood, National Capital District Manager, Co-operators General Insurance Company, Toronto
"Byron's Seven Summit's Achievement. "The Seven Summits takes you to the highest peak on each continent and requires skill, determination and, even, a little luck - it's a fine mountaineering adventure. The worst thing about Byron completing his 'seven' is that he has beat me to it. I still have one mountain to go!"
Peter Hillary, Speaker, Explorer, Author, Son of Sir Edmund Hillary, New Zealand
"Byron has accomplished what few people will ever realize. He has climbed to the summit of the highest mountain on each of the seven continents on this planet. The commitment, focus and determination it takes to execute a project such as this is a true reflection of an individual's character. It is with great pride I offer my congratulations to Byron."
Laurie Skreslet, First Canadian to Summit Mount Everest, Speaker, Explorer, Author, Calgary
"I have heard Byron speak to two professional NHL hockey teams that I have been associated with and the impact on the players has been remarkable. They were captivated by his presentation but more importantly throughout the season as we climbed our own mountain they constantly referred back to the lessons learned from Byron. His passion, drive and desire to achieve is contagious."
Mike Johnston, Associate Coach, Los Angeles Kings NHL Hockey Team, Vancouver and Los Angeles
"I found the presentation by Byron to be both informative and inspiring. He leaves you thinking, and unlike other presentations, the lasting impact of his story and lessons learned will be something I will benefit from throughout my career."
Mike Cammalleri, Hockey Player, Los Angeles Kings NHL Hockey Team, Los Angeles
"He captivates your attention as he heads up the mountain… it is like you are definitely there with him. The remarkable training regime, detail and drive are great lessons for athletes"
Marc Crawford, Head Coach, Los Angeles Kings NHL Hockey Team, Vancouver and Los Angeles
"Byron has helped facilitate a cultural shift away from a pervasively negative outlook towards Program change to one that is based on setting goals and working together to achieve them. This new approach will go a long way to help enhance the lives of Albertans living with disabilities. His story of sacrifice, determination, introspection, planning and ultimate success has motivated our provincial staff to reevaluate their perception of Program change and refocus their efforts to better meet the challenges of transition and change that lie ahead." Byron the feedback has been tremendous and has really gone a long way already to restructuring how our staff think. Thank you so much again for your part in these conferences".
Andy Crooks, Regional Manager, AISH Program, Alberta Provincial Government, Edmonton
"Byron, Congratulations on your completion of the ever challenging task and the last jewel of "the seven summits". Your dream for some time and the dream of all serious summiteers. You and your family should be very proud of this exceptional feat". "I would also like to congratulate you on your election to The Board of Directors of The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation. Your support of the foundation in the past has been outstanding and we look forward to your continuing support and that of the many hundreds of Calgarians you have introduced to Sir Edmund Hillary's dream to "Help the Sherpas improve the living condition of their lives mainly in the areas of Education; health care; and conservation." Namaste.:
Zeke O'Connor Executive Director and Founder, The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation, Toronto
"Mark's Work Wearhouse was pleased to invite Byron Smith as the key note speaker to our annual National IWO Awards Ceremony celebrating Mark's Associates who best exemplify our corporate values of Respect For People, Product Integrity and Continuous Improvement. Byron made a presentation to Mark's Associates and senior leaders on his ascent of Mount Everest and the personal values that guided him during each step of his incredible achievement. Through words and pictures, Byron did an excellent job of highlighting the things that drove him to succeed as well as overcome challenges along the way. Our Associates were able to see how Byron's personal success was linked to acting on his positive values and beliefs. They were struck by the magnitude of Byron's accomplishment and this inspired them to reflect on how they could "climb their own mountain" from a base of our corporate values. Byron certainly provided a compelling story that helped Mark's celebrate the achievements of our own Associates".
Craig Foster Vice President, Human Resources & Customer Services, Mark's Work Wearhouse, Calgary
"Byron Smith is an outstanding individual. His many talents, positive attitude, dedication to purpose along with a hard work ethic, have been proven in his success. His intelligence, business acumen and judgment have built business success and personal achievement in climbing the highest peaks. His interpersonal skills have made me his friend and I look to him as a one of my mentors."
LeRoy Fjordbotten, President, Silverwood Ventures, Former Agriculture Minister of Alberta, Calgary
"I have had the pleasure of working with Byron in our role as Directors of the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation of Canada. Byron is a high energy, creative and focused individual. The drive that has taken Byron to the peaks of the Seven Summits is evident in his work with the Foundation. I have no reservations about recommending Byron in professional, charitable or personal relationships."
Ashley Whicher, Vice President - Marketing Planning and Performance , Sears Canada Inc.
"Byron knows how to organize and host an incredible first class event - which is exactly what he did (again) as Gala Chairman and MC for the annual Sir Edmund Hillary Fundraising Gala here in Calgary. In fact, Byron only knows how to go about doing things in an absolutely first class manner - be it an event, an adventure or a business. If anyone wants something to be done in this manner - contact Byron - because, he can "get it done" - but only with class! The Sir Edmund Hillary Fundraising Gala is my favourite event of the year - thank you Byron."
Wayne Logan, Lawyer - Senior Associate, Field Law, Calgary
"Have you ever truly known a person that you could describe as "bigger than life"? I have...and his name is Byron Smith! We first met in 2005 at a motivational coaching session that he put on for our Canadian Home Builder Association members. Byron was able to articulate his personal and professional life experiences to the hundreds of people in the room with passion and purpose in such a way that it left many defining moments in the attendees' minds, hearts and souls. Becoming friends and again witnessing his professional and enthusiastic delivery as Chairman and MC of the Sir Edmund Hillary Fundraising Gala in recent years, I continue to be affected by Byron's positive influence and am proud to offer a recommendation on his behalf."
Michael Nyikes, Director of Safety and Technical Services, CHBA Alberta, Calgary
"Byron single-handedly instigated, organized, presented and completed three annual gala dinners to raise funds for the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation in Calgary. The result has been impressive amounts of new money headed to the Everest Region to fund the work of the Foundation. Byron twisted my arm into donating to event and I'm glad he did as I have valued this opportunity to become involved with the Foundation and to get to know Byron. I am very impressed with what he has achieved in this and his many other endeavors."
David Begg, Owner,Yamnuska Mountain Adventures
"Byron Smith is an impact guy. If you want to bring the best out of your people let Byron Smith come in and take them to the top. Byron will not only tell you how he planned, trained and climbed the toughest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest. He will tell you how you can implement his strategy to make a difference in your work and personal life to be your very best. Byron Smith makes an impact!"
Todd Greene, Managing Partner, Everest Speakers Bureau.
Many more outstanding testimonials are available upon request
Partial List of Places/Conferences Where Bryon has Presented
ADP USA Sales Conference, Los Vegas
Advanta Canada Inc., Customer Appreciation Conference, Red Deer
AISH Program Provincial Meetings, Edmonton
Alberta Coaches and Officials Symposium, Canmore
AMA Regional Sales Convention, Calgary
American Salvage Pool Association USA National Convention. Los Vegas
Automotive Auction Association Conference, Scottsdale
CADA National Convention. Los Vegas
CAIFA Conference, Banff
Calgary Region Home Builders Assoc., Business Meetings, Calgary
Canadian Auto World CADA Conference. Los Vegas
Canadian Automotive Institute Conference. Los Vegas
Co-Operators Sales Award Conference. Toronto
CPR Year End Meetings, Calgary
Deutsche Bank Business Meetings, Lake Louise
Education and Lifelong Learning Conference, Dudley, England
First Canadian Insurance, Las Vegas
Garber Automotive Management Meeting, Detroit
Hewlett-Packard National Meetings. Los Vegas
IAP Life/Sal group National Business Meetings, Bahamas
ICT Convention, Red Deer
ING Funds National Conference, Toronto
ING Investments National Conference, Toronto
Integra Foundation Board of Directors Conference, Los Vegas
Kaiser Permanente Leader Conference Atlanta
Kaiser Permanente leadership Conference, Atlanta
Los Angeles Kings NHL Team Building. Los Angeles
Marks Work Wearhouse IWO Awards Ceremony, Calgary
McKay & Partners LLP Sales Convention, Whistler, BC
Mead Johnson Bristol Myers Squibb Business Summit Meetings, Los Vegas
Motors Dealers Association of Alberta Convention, Canmore
National Company Meeting, Mead Johnson Canada, Toronto
Quolus Financial Sales Convention, Toronto
Rotary International National Conference, Red Deer
Telus Corporation Sales Convention, Vancouver
The Leadership Exchange National Convention, Calgary and Toronto
Twist Conditioning Business Meetings, Vancouver
Van Houtte National Sales Convention, Montreal
Vancouver Canucks, Santa Rosa, California
Wireless Communications International Conference, Calgary
Wokingham District School Development Conference, Wockingham, England

For more information and bookings: 1.866.420.3338 info@speakersalberta.com

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