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Building Teams and Staff Morale

Self-Management Wins Over Time-Management Every Day


Location: Calgary, Alberta

Reputation: National

Garth Roberts requires leaders to look in the mirror. Most of us can pick out problems in others but we don’t recognize our own shortcomings. Garth’s program, Seven Keys to Inspired Supervision, is about straightening your own path and going forward. It’s about introducing you to you!

Garth developed his leadership skills as a television and film producer and director, an actor, an educator, and as an award-winning writer. From Garth’s viewpoint it’s all about communication and he’s an expert in simplifying the writing and speaking processes.
Garth has been training clients in the art of simple, effective planning, team building, communicating and follow-up for over 30 years. Garth’s clients are in such diverse fields as construction, manufacturing, petroleum, printing, tourism, education and transportation.

Garth focuses on the frontline people—managers, supervisors, foremen, and their direct reports. He can deliver his expertise to you and your people as a keynote, seminar, workshop or short course.

Here are the areas where Garth can help you and your organization move forward:

  • 7 Keys for Inspired Supervision – provide your employees with the tools to effectively plan, communicate and follow-up on projects
  • Writing For Business – use plain writing to get your message across
  • Speaking With Confidence – make every employee a competent spokesperson for your company
  • Make Meetings Move – eliminate meetings or make meetings effective
  • Know Who You’re Talking With – learn the DISC Behavioral Assessment process to discover how to inspire your staff and clients
  • Time Management
    You can’t manage time, you can only manage yourself!
  • Instigating change … one mind at a time!

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