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Dr. Joe Pavelka



Location: Calgary, Alberta

Reputation: International

Dr. Joe Pavelka has 20 years of experience as a practitioner, researcher, educator, speaker, and author in recreation management, sustainable tourism and ecotourism. He is also a motivational speaker and business owner. Joe brings a world of experience to every speaking engagement to create an exciting and unique presentation. Joe’s background includes professional and academic work in the arts, outdoor adventure, business and international travel. Joe is a vivid and brilliant interpreter of the world around us. He explains everything in practical terms. He is an articulate and authoritative presenter on many subjects. He can educate and inspire and he uses humour and relevant overheads to help illustrate his points.

Joe is Founder of Splat Designs Ltd., a sportswear company. He also produced an award-winning film, Nahanni, about canoeing on the Nahanni River in the Canadian North.

Joe Pavelka is the author of three books: Ned: The Story of Bear Six Nine Three, a children’s book and It’s Not About Time: Rediscovering Leisure in a Changing World and Leisure: How our New Leisure is Changing the World.

It’s Not About Time addresses leisure, freedom and choice in everyday life. The struggle for leisure, in light of rapid changes in our fast and harried world, is one of the most outstanding and poignant issues we face today. In It’s Not About Time, Joe begins with the idea of leisure being much broader than simple free time; it’s about freedom and creativity. It moves the reader to an understanding of the factors that influence leisure and closes with dynamic ideas on how to find leisure is a very calm and centered way. It also introduces and explains the idea of ‘seamless living.’ Seamless living is a popular mean to better understand how we can adapt to the pressures of daily living and live life to the fullest. It’s Not About Time is currently in its second printing.

Joe invests considerable time in the outdoors. Joe has paddled and hiked in many great places around the world including: Belize, The West Coast Trail (Canada), The Torres de Paine W-Hike (Chile), the Nahanni River (3 times), the Spatizzi/Stikine River, the Teslon/Yukon River (Yukon, Canada) ,the Chilkoot Trail (Alaska/Canada), the Inca Trail and Salcantay Trail (unguided Peru). Along with his outdoor activity, Joe has acquired several related certifications and decent Spanish language skills.

Joe has taught at the post-secondary level since 1996. First as a part-time instructor at the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Communication and Culture and later, through to the present, at the Haskayne Business School of the University of Calgary teaching a variety of tourism management courses. Joe is Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Education and Recreation Studies and Program Coordinator for the Bachelors of Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership.

Joe has a PH. D in Geography from the University of Calgary, a Masters of Arts in Recreation Administration, University of Alberta, a Bachelor of Arts in Geography, Lakehead University and an Honour's Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation, Lakehead University.

Dr. Joe Pavelka has been providing workshops and keynote presentations for organizations throughout Canada for many years. Joe has a great reputation for providing insightful, dynamic and entertaining keynotes and workshops. Here are some the presentations that Joe delivers:

Joe Pavelka has been conducting keynote presentations since 2000 for large and small gatherings throughout Canada. Joe is renowned and acclaimed for his speaking energy, enthusiasm, humour and insight. Joe brings his entire eclectic background into every presentation and one can be sure that no two presentations will be alike. He tailors each presentation for every group.

Here is a sample of some of organizations where Joe has presented:

  • Alberta Camping Association (3 times)
  • Alberta Heritage Lodge Association
  • Alberta Recreation & Parks Association
  • Alberta Student Support Conference
  • Alberta Teachers’ Association Convention
  • Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association
  • British Columbia Parks & Recreation Association (2 times)
  • Canadian Parks & Recreation Association (2 times)
  • Growing Rural Tourism Conference
  • Human Resource Association of Calgary
  • IPI Canada Conference of the Federal Government
  • Manitoba Recreation and Parks Association
  • Northern Lights Tourism Association Conference
  • Ontario Camping Association (3 times)
  • Parks & Recreation Ontario
  • Saskatchewan Recreation and Parks Association
  • Travel Alberta – Travel and Leisure in North America

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