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Dan Ohler Photo

Speaker, Author, Coach

For the past decade, Dan has made it his life’s work to grow positive, productive work teams, through speaking and facilitating workshops.


Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Reputation: National

Dan Ohler is a Member of the Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta©

If your team needs to be inspired and challenged to “think outside the barn”,
contact SBA today: 1.866.420.3338 toll free email info@speakersalberta.com

Dan Ohler is an inspirational and articulate speaker, storyteller and human relationship expert. He is passionately dedicated to communication, happiness and helping organizations grow positive, productive teams.
Whether you experience a keynote presentation, a transformational workshop, or read his popular book, Thinkin’ Outside The Barn and Steppin’ Into Fresh B.S., Dan encourages and challenges you to learn how understanding human psychology results in thriving relationships and dynamic success.

Dan and his wife, Carol, also offer seminars, retreats, and coaching for couples. They are based near Edmonton.

Dan instills excellence among leaders and employees of some of Canada’s biggest companies.

From energizing and motivating keynotes to interactive workshops targeted specifically at your business’s richest areas of opportunity, Dan will transform your team into a thriving and dynamic unit.

If a suit and a jargon-filled PowerPoint is what you’re after, it’s best to be blunt: Dan is not your man. Dan is a grassroots guy, a speaker and a storyteller. He mixes humour and hopefulness, and combines rural values with sophisticated expertise in human relationships.

Bring Dan to your staff function or team workshop, and he’ll teach you to:

  • Trust each other
  • Recruit and retain the best possible team
  • Enhance your business and personal relationships
  • Reduce conflict, dissension and misunderstanding
  • Minimize staff turnover, accidents, absenteeism, and non-productive distractions
  • Have a ton of fun

In our fast-paced, stressful world, can you afford not to invest in your most valuable asset – YOUR PEOPLE?

It’s everybody’s job to grow a positive, productive team that’s empowered and equipped to best meet business needs. If you strive to instill in your team that magic combination of passion and accountability and you know that recruitment and retention is critical to profitability and organizational success, Dan can help.

Turn these noble goals into concrete results.

If your team needs to be inspired and challenged to “think outside the barn”,
contact SBA today: 1.866.420.3338 toll free email info@speakersalberta.com

Dan Ohler’s Partial List of Clients:  
AB Learning, Legislative Services
Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick
Alberta Agriculture Food & Rural Development – 4H Department
Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
Alberta Auctioneer’s Association
Alberta Elk Commission
Alberta Environmental Farm Plan Company
Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture
Alberta Food Processors Assoc.
Alberta Infrastructure & Transportation
Alberta Sustainable Development
Alberta Pork
Alberta Special Constables Assoc.
Alberta Teachers’ Association - Mighty Peace Teachers’ Convention
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE)
Assoc. of Canadian Custom Harvesters
Association of Administrative Assistants
Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED)
BC Association of Farmers’ Markets
Canada West Equipment Dealer’s Association
Canadian Angus Association
Canadian Cancer Society, Saskatchewan Branch
Canadian Charolais Youth Association
City of Fort Saskatchewan
County of Athabasca
David Thompson Health Region
Ducks Unlimited
Edmonton Catholic Schools
Edmonton Public School Board
Family & Community Support Services Association of Alberta
Grey Nuns Hospital
Human Resource Managers Association of Edmonton
Grant MacEwan College
International Association of Administrative Assistants
Lacombe Regional Tourism
Lamont County
Land Stewardship Centre
Learning Network
Leduc County
Marigold Library System
Mastermind Clubs Edmonton
MD of Big Lakes
NAIT Academic Staff Association
Northern Coordinated Action for Recycling Enterprises (Northern C.A.R.E.)
Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture
Ottawa Rideau Regional Soil & Crop Improvement Association
Parkland County
Peace Region Farm Women’s Conference
PEI Department of Agriculture
Personal Best Seminars Inc.
Petroleum Services Assoc. of Canada
Pfizer Animal Health
Prairie River Community Education Council
Provost & District Agricultural Society
Rainbow Greenhouses Inc.
Real Estate Institute of Canada
Red Deer Eyecare
Saskatchewan Regional Colleges
Special Areas #3
St. Albert Chamber of Commerce
The Bethany Group
United Farmers of Alberta (UFA)
Wild Rose Foundation
Women’s Business Blaster Conference
Woodlands County
Dan Ohler Testimonials
“The positive impact of your keynote presentation is still resonating throughout our organization. All of the feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly supportive – it is most encouraging and heartening to have that positive reaction. Thanks again for your part in a most memorable first all-staff meeting for Parkland County.  An exceptionally high bar has been set for future events.”
Pat Vincent, CEO, Parkland County
"You were a huge success! It was great having you as our keynote speakers at our staff retreat on June 22, 2009. The very positive feedback that we received after the event clearly demonstrated the professional way in which you engaged the audience with key issues. You were working with a group of folks whereby some of the participants were a little skeptical. You handled them extremely well and managed to have them participating in a balanced way. Your gift for relating with people on an individual basis was evident as I noticed you talking with staff throughout the day. I also appreciated the careful preparation and follow up that you provided to me. It made planning our day so much easier. Your interest in finding out beforehand exactly how staff were thinking and feeling, and then tuning your presentation to meet them, made your program a success for the staff who thoroughly enjoyed it. We laughed. We learned. We walked away with useful tools to better take care of ourselves and a better understanding of our co--workers and what makes each of us tick. The message was right on target and enhanced by the fun and interactive delivery. Thank you so much for making our staff retreat such a memorable day."
Sue Huberdeau
Manager, Housing and Urban Affairs
“Your presentation on “Why Is Common-Sense So Uncommon,” hit the mark with our staff.  While we focus heavily on training experiences related to changing technologies, regulations, and evolving natural resource sciences; we often overlook the most critical element – people.  Your focus on the importance of building and maintaining positive working relationships between staff, our clients, and the general public is a valuable message.  Without proper, ongoing investments in trust, integrity, respect, and communication, we cannot be effective managers of Alberta’s forest, lands, and wildlife.”
Norman Brownlee, Business Services Manager
Peace/Upper Hay Management Area, Alberta Sustainable
Resource Development
“Dan’s ability to open the minds of his listeners, to challenge them to use the skills he teaches, makes his sessions invaluable to those who participate.  Dan relates to his audiences, and always provides a message that is tailored to their needs.  Those that participate are always extremely impressed, and I often hear people talk about Dan’s sessions long after they have taken them.”
Mark Muchka, 4-H Specialist
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
“We are fortunate to have had someone with your expertise and energy as a motivational speaker to address the farmers and friends of agriculture who attended the AGM.  The attendees found your presentation interesting and very lively, which was perfect for a speech after lunch.  As a result from your presentation, most of the attendees felt they could easily relate to the stories they heard and it did make them start thinking of their own experiences. I want to express my appreciation for your humourous and high-energy style of presentation.  Once again, thank you for speaking at this special event.”
Charline Cormier, CEO
Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick
“Dan has a way of captivating people and getting them to share their innermost thoughts and feelings openly with others.  Dan motivates his audience to make positive changes in their lives by providing them with life lessons he has previously garnered. People discussed issues thoughtfully and without fear amongst each other as Dan delivered his message.  The main reason this interaction took place is the group say Mr. Ohler as a man who believes in his convictions and practices what he preaches.  The people left feeling positively motivated and feeling more prepared to face the challenges they face in the day to day operation of their farms. I would highly recommend Dan as a speaker for your event.  He is not only a quality motivational speaker but his is also someone I can truly call my friend.”
Bill MacKendrick, Farm Extension Services
Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Aquaculture
“Our perception was that we were hiring an individual that could help members generate enthusiasm and maintain positive attitudes towards the llama industry.  We had initial reservations regarding the cost of your presentation but your compassionate, caring approach made these reservations disappear.  From the outset, you made members of our team feel very welcomed and you took an active interest in learning about the issues and challenges facing the llama industry.  You invested time and effort to research and make the program relevant and meaningful for our members.  Your dedication and personal commitment to understanding the dynamics of our membership was evident in all of your actions and methods.  Llama breeders left the presentation better prepared to forge forward with new ideas and were challenged to start “thinkin outside their barn” to develop creative ways to deal with their individual llama operations. Your presentation exceeded our expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend you as a speaker to other organizations because you are active, energetic and genuinely interested in our pursuits.  You have an excellent knowledge base, and were well organized and did a significant amount of research into making your presentation tailored especially to our members.  Thank you for sharing your capacity to achieve success with our conference participants!”
Corry Jeanne Mortensen, President
Llama Canada
“We’d like to offer our sincere thanks for your presentation, “Why The Heck Do They Do What They Do?” to our members.  You provided a wealth of information to promote communication, motivation, conflict resolution, and recognition.  You provided us with humour in a heart-warming and inspiring way that kept us laughing and attentive.  The members thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and it was a pleasure to have you back. Your services are above and beyond, Dan.  You took the time to respond to phone calls, emails, and follow-up in a timely and detailed manner.  You also took the time to find out about our Association before hand, in order to incorporate the information into your presentation.  That was certainly an added touch.”
Lorena Iceton and Karen Butkowski, Co-Program/Facility Coordinators
Association of Administrative Assistants
“Although this was your first introduction to the Canadian Payroll Association and its members, you hit the nail on the head with your presentation on Communications and the impact communications have on our work and personal lives.  One of the Canadian Payroll Association’s core values is “Community” and your presentation really emphasized the power of communications in creating and maintaining the community in which we live and work. Your energetic presentation style and approach to life is genuine and contagious – our attendees spent a lot of time laughing and a lot of time nodding in agreement!  People left the meeting that morning feeling very positive and upbeat, and well equipped to take what they learned back to their offices and homes and use the information when dealing with their co-workers, friends and family. I have received nothing but positive feedback and would highly recommend you as a speaker to other organizations.”
Karen Johnson, CMP
Regional Coordinator
Canadian Payroll Association, Pacific Region
“Dan really connected with the group, exhibiting energy, humour, passion, and left a message of optimism and a belief of self-worth and self-confidence in them.  Dan’s unique style of delivery in bouncing back and forth from powerful messaging to humour, indeed, demonstrated originality and effectiveness in capturing and connecting with the audience.”
Ernie Ewaschuk, Executive Director
“Dan is one of those individuals that has that instant ability to connect with people.  His presentation was humorous, contained a life-enhancing message, and perhaps most importantly, was delivered from the heart.”
Al Kimber, President
Kimber & Company Financial Services Ltd.
“Many of the feedback sheets, as well as unsolicited verbal comments, mentioned your “F Words” as not only an effective organizer for your message but words of inspiration that the audience carried away with them as a reminder of the power of thought.  Other highlights for people were your use of storytelling and props (the pendulum) to illustrate your points.”
David Milner, Faculty Development and Assessment
MacEwan College
“We had asked for a presentation dealing with team work, self-esteem, and stress.  Mr. Ohler used humour, personal experiences, and group interaction to get his message across.  There was lots of laughter and nodding of heads at some of his remarks.  In other words, what he said hit home for a lot of us.”
Marj Pepper, Administrative Assistant
Edmonton Public Schools
“It is a great value to our company that all staff members are team players.  You gave us great tools and valuable information that will help us understand and communicate with each other even more.  And the humour you addedmade if fun and entertaining. We highly recommend the “Personality Dimensions” presentation to companies who need resources and information to work together as a team, not only in their occupations but in their personal lives as well.”
David Myers, General Manager
Comfree (Commission-Free Realty)
“Hearing you speak at the Rural Symposium in Medicine Hat – and seeing the impact you had on the delegates – prompted me to think about your presentation in the context of our staff.  I felt that our staff, which has nearly doubled in size in the last five or six years, needed some team building experiences and some tools and mechanisms to rebuild cohesiveness. .My Director and I have noticed positive changes in the workplace – more pitching in, less griping, more paying attention to what others are saying (or not saying!) more social activities.“Catalyst” is the word that comes to mind when I think about the workshop and the time since then.  Dan shared his understanding of human interactions in such a way that staff gained important insights and did become much more receptive to the needs of other. .I think most workplaces and organizations that value their staff would find a workshop with Dan beneficial."
Karen Labuik, Assistant Director
Marigold Library System
“When working with Dan, both in advance and at the event, I found him incredibly personable, open, and easy to speak to.  His enthusiasm is catching! Dan’s lecture was entertaining and educational.  His insights into interacting with others, the world around us, and oneself were 100% on the mark.  His stories were sometimes funny, sometimes moving, and always relevant. His address and attitude were down-to-earth, easy to understand, and totally enjoyable. He was relaxed and personable toward both the staff and volunteers, impressing everyone inour organization who met him. I will highly recommend Dan to anyone looking for a keynote or motivational speaker.  I would gladly hire him again, or attend another of his seminars.  I look forward to working more on his concepts of ‘trust,’ ‘attitude,’ and ‘recognition’ in my own life.”
Kerri Gibson Loranger, Cultural Program Facilitator
Horizon Stage, City of Spruce Grove
“Dan’s keynote address, “Why Is Common-sense So Uncommon?” gave participants examples and hands-on-tools to create the desired changes in our lives.  He sent a powerful message that was effective, easy to understand, and educational, leaving participants with tools to help enhance their work and personal relationships, creating success and happiness. Dan’s use of humour was well received and the good feelings generated in his presentation got the participants revved-up and ready to enjoy the rest of the conference and to take home good thoughts and new information.”
Donna Skoworodko and Cindy Cuthbert, Organizers
Peace Region Farm Women’s Conference

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) email: info@speakersalberta.com
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