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Location: Edmonton

What does it take to leave an audience altered? It takes the kind of talk that delivers such a fundamentally penetrating message that you are left compelled to act on what you hear. This is exactly what you get when Vik Maraj speaks. He is more than inspirational, his message is transformative. Vik combines humour, engaging gestures and an articulate and clear presentation and audience-involvement techniques to deliver a riveting address, whether he is delivering a keynote address of delivering a workshop. Above all, Vik conveys superior content.

Vik Maraj’s ground-breaking content and uncompromisingly authentic delivery is a pathway to human and organizational potential that has likely remained unfulfilled within your ranks. It’s a pathway that will leave audience members with a permanent awakening to what lies beyond the ordinariness that most organizations and people tolerate. It is the kind of opening that transcends motivation and inspires the reinvention of your audience member practices, their communication and their leadership.

Vik’s dynamic presentation content comes from his day-to-day work with groups of people. Every day, he engages his training in neuro-science and molecular biology, high-stakes conflict resolution, dynamic group processes, systems thinking, and ontology to permanently expand people’s performance. Vik is also the co-founder and former CEO of a two hundred plus person international education company. In many ways, cutting his teeth as an entrepreneur and leader was his “rite of passage” into the real world of organizational performance. All this has led to a penetrating understanding of what is REALLY between people and performance – and it is not more advice, formulas, or motivation.

Vik has created transformative shifts in governments, boards, corporations, not-for-profits, rural communities, municipalities, NGO’s (including the United Nations), and people from all walks of life. From  restoring a billion dollar international environmental collaboration to empowering the leadership of Canada’s First Nations to rewriting the future of a small town – Vik’s work has transformed what is possible when people come together to fulfill their purpose.

You just won’t leave his talks thinking “I heard that before” – you just won’t.

For more information contact the Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta©: 1.866.420.3338 toll free info@speakersalberta.com


“Vik is top notch and a visionary scientific talent. He has a masterful mind and provides brilliant insights into human behavior, change management, restructuring, reorganizing, priorities, goal setting, discovering hidden talents, gaining perspective, and tapping into leadership skills to get things done...”
Dean Pickering, Business Development Manager, Bellamy Software – MicroAge
“Vik challenged everyone in the room to take a look at education in a new light...[students] knowing more and more about less and less...I have the feeling that Mr. Maraj will be a name we hear more about in the future. He took 5000 of us to the cutting edge of education and invited us to do the same in our classrooms.”
John McGettigan, Saskatoon Teachers Association
“His talk centered on the idea that we need to be game-changing. He used the metaphor of a child learning to walk to make his point, saying that we need to “start trying to walk, and stop trying not to fall” if we want to be successful. His talk was full of great one-liners…He was a great speaker, and was the right choice to lead off the day.”
Mack Male, Critic of TEDx Edmonton
“I recommend this… to anyone ready to find the root causes holding them back in life or work, to dig deep and address why, then develop a practical plan to move forward and make it happen...”
S. Posadziejewski, Chief Information Officer
"I would recommend this for all those seeking a new path to finding personal happiness.  Vik Maraj…did a marvelous job at guiding our group to new levels of awareness of our blind spots."
Mark Anielski, Economist and Author, The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth
“This…is a compelling leadership solution that understands and addresses the multiple complexities and passions involved in breakthrough innovation, be it personal or professional.”
Omar Y., Sustainability Architect

“It’s changed things in my whole approach in asking for what I need and want.  I’ve become unflappable and there is real wisdom to be gained.”
C. Parker, Edmonton AB
“This is not…about skills. This is a journey to explore the roots of good and true conversation.”
Kara Stokke, Chartered Mediator
Our session…created a new kind of dialog and understanding within our team. We've done other team-building exercises but this was the first to establish long term change…we are extremely happy to have experienced this and are on our way to achieving our goals.”
Dragan Marjanovic, , CEO
“Vik Maraj … is highly skilled at transforming relationships. I reached out to Vik to lead a critical partnering session between our organization and two other parties who were contractually bound to work together, but whose project aspirations were not aligned. Trust between us was the key ingredient that, sadly, was missing. Vik navigated us through some difficult but ultimately productive discourse that resulted in a strengthened team and shifted our working relationship - allowing us to move forward. I would highly recommend Vik to anyone wishing to strengthen relationships through engaging and transformative conversations.”
Bill Chomik, Principal at Kasian Architects

Partial Previous Client List

ADR Education Inc.
Agriculture Canada
Alberta College of Chiropractors
Alberta Corrections
Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education
Alberta Executive Council
Alberta Human Services
Alberta Industrial Heartland
Alberta Innovates Technology Futures
Alberta Investment Management Corp., AIMCO
Alberta Law Society
Alberta Motor Association
Alberta Party
Alberta Soccer Association
Alberta Treasury Branches
Association of School Business Officials of Alberta
Buffalo Inspection
Calgary Catholic School Division
Calgary Learns
Calgary Mennonite Centre for Newcomers
Calgary Public School Division
Cambridge Strategies
Canada Revenue Agency
Canada School of Public Service
Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian Bar Association
Canadian Centre for Management Development
Canadian Firearms
Canadian Grain Commission
Canadian Heritage
Canadian Information Processors Society
Canadian Metal Health Association
Carbon Busters
Century Hospitality Group
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
City of Edmonton
City of Regina
Climate Change Central
CNC Global Technologies
Collaborative Family Law Association of Alberta
Community Learning Network Edmonton
Conference Board of Canada
Conflict Professional and HR Conference
Davies Park
Department of Justice (Ottawa)
Drouin Learning Solutions
Economic Development Corp
Edmonton Public School Board
Emery Jameison LLP
Enbridge Pipelines
ENMAX Corporation
Ermineskin Cree Nation
EXH Engineering
Farm On
Farming Smarter
Financial Management Institute of Canada
Gordon Sloan
Government of Nunavut
Grant MacEwan University
Hate Bias Crimes Committee
Health Canada Employee Assistance Program
Health Canada Leaning Centre
High Conflict Institute ICLEI
Human Resources Development Canada
iCCAN Learning and Literacy Symposium
Iltezam Dubai
Immigrant Sector Council of Calgary
Indian and Northern Affairs
Industry Canada
Intelligent Imaging Systems
John Howard Society
Law Society of Alberta
Limelight Group
Manitoba Federal Council
Medial IT Monitoring
Mediation Restorative Justice Centre
Medicine Hat Police Force
National Council of Visible Minorities
National Energy Board
National Parole Board
National Research Council
Nechi Institute
Northern Alberta Teachers Convention Edmonton
Norwood Family Centre
Organic Alberta
Parks Canada
Pathway Family Services
Pathways Family Services People for People HR Conference
Prairie Regional Youth Network
Project Management Institute of Canada
Prowestern Plastics Red Communications
Public Health Agency of Canada
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada
Public Works Canada
Regina Teachers’ Convention
Residential Construction Industry Conference
Rotating Right
Rural Alberta Development Fund
SAMDA Economic Partnership
Sapphire Technologies
Saskatchewan Department of Labour
Saskatchewan Federal Council
Saskatoon Teachers’ Convention
Seriously Green Games
Sherritt International
Sierra Systems
TEDx Edmonton
Telus Canada
Terra Association Training and Development Canada
Town of Bashaw
UNICEF Canada United Nations (UNESCO)
United Way of Alberta
University of Alberta
University of Regina
Vibrant Communities Edmonton
Western Canadian Fairs
Western Economic Diversification
Westlink Innovation Network
World Congress on Biodiversity

For more information contact the Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta©: 1.866.420.3338 toll free info@speakersalberta.com
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