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Aboriginal Problems and Solutions in Canada
Indigenous Governance
Aboriginal Health
Aboriginal Leadership
Aboriginal Values to Generate Success
The Role of Women in Aboriginal Culture
Aboriginal Parenting
Homophobic Bullying
The Grounding of the Natural Laws in First Nations

Reputation: International

Location: Saddle Lake Cree Nation in Northern Alberta

Patricia Makokis, Ed.D. is acclaimed as one of Canada’s most outstanding Aboriginal leaders. She is an author, speaker and a pioneer for Aboriginal education, health and values. Patricia is the recipient of innumerable awards for her exceptional work in advancing opportunities for her people. She was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Metal Award and the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of San Diego amongst others. Patricia has a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.), with a major in leadership, from the University of San Diego.

Dr. Makokis is an authority on Aboriginal values. She lives them daily. Residing on the Saddle Lake Cree Nation in Northern Alberta, she has embraced both the Cree culture and the western world view. Patricia is a testament to the fact that “education and hard work are the two most important factors to relieve the plight of Aboriginal people in Canada today”. She is a proud Cree. This is not something that she just preaches. She’s passionate about it and she puts it into practice. She is the mother of two grown children, Janice Makokis, graduating with a degree in law, and James Makokis, a Medical Doctor. Either of them can accompany Patricia to deliver a dynamic presentation on the subject of Building on Aboriginal Values to Generate Success.

On her own, Patricia can articulately address just about any topic related to Aboriginal Problems and Solutions in Canada. She can address the touchy topics related to current issues related to the need for change in Aboriginal - western relations: Indigenous Governance, The Grounding of the Natural Laws in First Nations, Health, Aboriginal Leadership, Trauma and Health Facilitation, Cultural Safety, Cultural Sensitivity in the Workplace, The Role of Women in Aboriginal Culture, Parenting, Aboriginal Resilience, Mental Health and Healthcare Equity and many other associated subjects. Because her son, James, is two spirited (gay), she is a strong advocate of the sexual minority community, she can also address the topic of Homophobic Bullying.

Patricia has addressed numerous audiences across Canada and around the world in the fields of education, justice and health. She is in demand as an authority and an articulate representative of “what can be achieved” and “how to build on Aboriginal values and culture” to succeed in this highly competitive world.

Patricia recently took employment with a company in the oil industry and holds a part time (casual) position with the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health (NCCAH). She previously served as the President of Blue Quills First Nations College in Saint Paul, Alberta. In addition, she currently works on many boards including The Six Nations Information Governance Centre, the Saddle Lake Health Board and The Alberta Teacher’s Association Safe and Caring Schools Committee. As a past school room teacher and an academic, she has written and developed leadership courses as part of a Bachelor’s Degree in leadership for Blue Quills First Nations College that transfers to western universities. Additionally, she has worked on national health initiatives including Promoting Mental Health for Canada’s Indigenous Peoples for the Royal College of Physicians and the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada. She developed and established the curriculum that is standard across Canada for the Community Wellness Certificate offered by the Nechi Training Institute. Patricia also created and produced numerous academic courses in Management, Organizational Change and Wholistic Leadership.

Patricia pulls no punches in her presentations; she respectively shares academically based presentations, grounded in story. She articulately, and with humour, addresses the challenges facing First Nations. She is always a welcome addition to make a keynote address to groups and organizations that want a better future and fate for Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. Above all, Patricia is positive. She can convey the important message that even against all odds, you too can succeed at whatever to set out to accomplish.

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