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Kathy Macdonald
M.O.M., MSc. CPP
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Fighting Cyber-Crime

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Reputation: International

Passionate and hardworking with over two decades of experience in security and law enforcement, Kathy is a powerful internationally recognized voice in the area of cybercrime prevention, cyberbullying, identity crime and privacy. Her presentations are always spiked with relevant humour.

As a published writer, media spokesperson and guest speaker at hundreds of security and security-related conferences, Kathy has also served at an executive level on boards including ASIS Chapter #162, SPIE, ISPIA, Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association (ACCPA) and the Alberta Chapter of ISC2.

Kathy Macdonald's academic credentials are impressive. She has a Masters of Security Risk Management from the University of Leicester, a Security Management Certificate from the University of Calgary, an ASIS International Certified Protection Professional (C.P.P.), a University of Calgary General Management Certificate, a Calgary Police Service Senior Police Management Certificate (SPAC) and she was a University of Calgary undergraduate with courses in General Studies.

Kathy's career includes being a Calgary Police Service Police Officer where she spent the majority of her career developing, disseminating and providing subject matter expertise on topics of fraud, identity theft, information security, computer security, cyber-bullying and cybercrime prevention. She is currently an instructor at the University of Calgary on matters relating to Personnel Security. She teaches courses and workshops through the University of Calgary Continuing Education since 2006, facilitating sessions on Personnel Security and Cybercrime Prevention.

Kathy has been honoured with numerous awards including: the Governor General Award, Member of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces (M.O.M.); a Long Service Award from the Calgary Police Service; an Alberta Centennial Medal from the Government of Alberta; a Police and Private Security Liaison Award from the ASIS International; and a Leadership Award for the World Police/Fire Games from the Chief of Police.

Acknowledgements and Contributions to Written Works: "Does Cyber Bullying End After High School?" University of Calgary; "ITU Toolkit for Cybercrime Legislation," American Bar Association's Privacy & Computer Crime Committee Section of Science & Technology Law; "Responding to Victims of Identity Theft, A Manual for Law Enforcement Agents Prosecutors and Policy-Makers," for the International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy; "School Bullying, How Long is the Arm of the Law," Washington: Section of State and local Government Law, American Bar Association; "The Seven Deadly Cybersins – Examining Public Perception of Risky and Illegal Online Behaviour," University of Leicester; "A Canadian's Guide To Money-Smart Living," Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants; and " Best Practices in Computer Network Defense (CND): Incident Detection & Response," North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) Science for Peace and Security Program.

Professional Presentations
14th Annual Cyber Security Conference, Albany, NY
17th Annual Law Enforcement Anti-Counterfeiting Conference, Toronto, ON
Alberta Community Crime Prevention Annual Conference, Lethbridge, AB
Alberta Community Crime Prevention Conference, Calgary, AB
Alberta Identity Information Management Conference, Calgary, AB
Alberta Motor Transport Annual Conference, Banff, AB
American Bar Association Annual Conference, Toronto, ON
Anti-Phishing Working Group Annual Conference, Barcelona, Spain
Anti-Bullying Conference "Be the Change", Cold Lake, AB
Anti-Phishing Working Group Conference, Pittsburgh, PA
ASIS Conference, San Diego, CA
ASIS International Annual Conference, New Orleans and LA
ASIS International Annual Conference, Orlando, FL
ASIS International Conference, Atlanta, GA
ASIS International Conference, Las Vegas, NV
Best Practices in Computer Network Defense, Geneva, Switzerland
BrainShare Novell Annual Conference, Salt Lake City, UT
Bullying KNOW MORE, Bullying in the Workplace & Cyber, Regina, SK
Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Conference, Vancouver, BC
Computer Security Institute Annual Conference, Scottsdale, AZ
Continuity Planning Management Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV
Critical Infrastructure – Cyber Security CIPS Conference, Calgary, AB
GOVSEC 2010 Washington, D.C.
Guest panelist on nationally broadcast show, "Kids, Sex and Net," Edmonton, AB
HTCIA Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA
Imperial Oil
International Crime Reduction Conference, Banff, AB
International Crime Stoppers Conference, Calgary, AB
International Crime Stoppers Conference, Calgary, AB
Intersec Counter Terrorism Conference, London, England
Lexi.Net Conference Forum, Calgary, AB
PIPA 2012 Conference, Privacy on the Go, Calgary, AB
Privacy and Identity Theft Conference, Vancouver, BC
Privacy Conference "Are People Ready to Fight Back," Calgary, AB
Security Canada Alberta TriLateral, Calgary, AB
West Coast Security Forum, Vancouver, BC
WestCoast Security Forum, Vancouver, BC
World Summit of Information Society, Botnet Investigation, Geneva, SUI


"It was very informative as Kathy was well prepared, knowledgeable and the subject matter was of great interest to our company. Kathy's presentation was both timely and to the point, reinforcing the need for Internet security in our company and in our homes".

Stephen D. Smith, President & CEO, STRIKE Energy Services

"Kathy's presentation style was friendly, showed how well she knew the material and it was customized for each audience. We would not hesitate to ask her again and would highly recommend her to other schools. This information is very important for families today it should be available and promoted in the community."

Kim McLean, M.Ed., Principal, Calgary Academy

"Kathy proved to be a knowledgeable resource and was able to guide the audience through common tactics used by criminals to acquire personal information, provide a background on technology and ways to lower the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft."

Jim A. Downie, Upstream Controller, Imperial Oil
"Kathy Macdonald is a rare combination of interesting and dynamic speaker, well informed cybercrime expert, truly caring person, and...a police officer! For over a decade she has been the one I send people to when for a truly balanced perspective on issues from cyberbullying to Internet luring and stalking. She keeps herself well informed and is always willing to help!"
Dr. Tom Keenan, Educational Innovator, Journalist, Public Speaker, Author of Technocreep
"Kathy Macdonald has taught courses and workshops at University of Calgary Continuing Education since 2006. As a retired constable of Calgary Police Services, she combines professionalism and credibility to create student-centered learning experiences for our community both in-person and online. Kathy has facilitated sessions on the following topics: Personnel Security and Identity Theft - A Protection Guide. We are especially pleased that she will be teaching a new course for us in 2014 called, "Cybercrime Prevention". This is a course that she researched, proposed, designed, and developed. Our academic committee accepted her thorough proposal unanimously with no amendments required. Kathy is aware of who the audience is".
Mr. Gordon McIvor, University of Calgary
"athy is a subject matter expert in cybercrime and crime prevention.  She is a highly organized and caring individual with considerable experience in planning and executing workshops.  She is a terrific adult educator inspiring students in class and attendees at workshops. I heartedly endorse her skills and training".
"I know that those who were in attendance were very enlightened by the information you shared and it will benefit them both personally and professionally as we deal daily with confidential information of our volunteers. Thanks you for the work you do daily to assist the citizens of Calgary to be safe and prevent crime".
Margaret Blackburn, Chair, Association of Directors of Volunteer Resources
"Thank you on behalf of Calgary Education Service for providing your expertise with such enthusiasm and advocating for such an important topic.  Have truly appreciated working with you!"
Corinne Trout, BA(Soc), BA(ChSt), Mental Health Education, Community Education Service, Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Alberta Health Services
"Kathy is not only a well prepared, engaging and gifted speaker but she really knows how to get her audience interested in cybercrime prevention. She keeps abreast of the state-of-the-art issues and solutions in dealing with this ever growing and evolving crime area."
Lorne M. Lipkus, Kestenberg Siegal Lipkus LLP
"Internationally acclaimed for her expertise, Kathy is widely recognized for her no-nonsense approach to cyber-crime
and her ability to present complex technical issues in a manner easily understood by all.  Affable and articulate, her
workshops are practical, thought-provoking and extremely useful whether it be for personal, family or business use;
Kathy's presentations are well worth the attendance".
Daniel M. Chervenka CD, CCISO, CGEIT, CISM, CISSP, CRISCIT Governance & Security, Athabasca Oil Corporation

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) email: info@speakersalberta.com

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