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Location: Calgary Alberta

Reputation: International / Global

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Sinclair MacRae Ph.D., Associate Professor of Professional and Business Ethics at Mount Royal University, is a passionate and award-winning speaker, teacher, researcher, author, and consultant. He delivers two terrific dynamic presentations: Ethics for Professionals and Building Trust Relationships to Succeed. Either can be delivered in keynote form, in seminar form or in highly interactive workshop formats lasting between one and a half hours to one half day.

Sinclair can help you improve business profitability and organizational performance through enhancing employee engagement, workplace culture, and ethics.

Sinc’s focus is on the practical and actionable; his delivery style is casual, accessible, and humorous, His presentations are content-driven, drawing on his extensive experience and expertise. He is currently researching and writing a book on the business case for trust and ethics. His first book, An Introduction to Ethics: Theories, Perspectives, and Issues, was published by Pearson Education Canada.

Sinc is the author of the Mount Royal Faculty Association’s Code of Ethics and longstanding Chair of its Ethics Committee. He is a member of a number of professional and community-based associations including the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, the Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards, the Canadian Business Ethics Research Network, the Integrity Network of Calgary, and the Alberta Press Council.

Sinc’s presentations are an excellent fit for a wide range of professional associations. If you need a speaker for your conference or convention to design and deliver a compelling professional development seminar or workshop, Sinc will shape his presentation(s) to meet your specific interests and needs.

Sinc has spoken at numerous conferences and society meetings across North America and he has twenty-five years experience teaching university and college courses and programs, mainly in ethics, applied ethics, professional ethics, and business ethics at Dalhousie University, the University of Toronto, George Brown College, the University of Manitoba, Saint Mary’s College, the University of Calgary, and Mount Royal University. He is an acclaimed expert on matters relating to business ethics. He is frequently interviewed by many media outlets including CBC news, CTV news, Global TV, the Calgary Herald, the Canmore Leader, and CHQR 770 AM on a broad range of issues and topics within his areas of expertise.


“Thought provoking presentation”
“Really excellent presenter”
“Most excellent!!”
“Inspirational speaker.”
“Examples and scenarios given are very interesting and entertaining. They kept me very interested in the topic.”
“Great teacher. I learned a lot in this seminar and I would recommend it to others.”
“Excellent seminar. Not just in content and application, but in teaching method.”

Partial list of Clients

Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Annual General Conference
Alberta Provincial Board of Governors Learners of the Future Conference
International Conference on Teaching Philosophy (twice)
American Philosophical Association's Annual General Meeting (three times)
Apeiron Society for the Practice of Philosophy Annual Symposium
Calgary Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Philosophical Association's Annual Meeting (twice)
Dean’s Annual Retreat of the Bissett School of Business Faculty
Human Resources Institute of Alberta Annual Conference, (twice)
Insurance Institute of Northern Alberta
Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta
Mount Royal College Humanities Department Colloquium (three times)
Mount Royal University Faculty Annual Conference (five times)
Ontario Institute of Purchasing Manager’s Association of Canada
Ontario Philosophical Society, University of Western Ontario (twice)
Teaching/Learning Institute at Mount Royal College
University of Calgary Philosophy Department
University of Manitoba Institute for the Humanities
University of Toronto's Graduate Students Forum
Western Canadian Philosophical Association Annual Conference (twice)

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