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Alvin Law
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Location: Calgary, Alberta

Reputation: International

Alvin Law is a remarkable and dynamic keynote speaker, who will motivate you with his power of belief in ourselves and in our abilities to achieve change and seemingly the impossible. Born without arms, Alvin ("Toes") Law has overcome all the challenges and 'naysayers' and today is: married, a father, a professional speaker, a broadcaster, an accomplished musician, a fundraiser, author and owns his own communications company.

When Alvin Law was a child, having no arms was little more than an obstacle. His family taught him he could be whatever he wanted to be and that anything was possible. Born in 1960, he was one of Canada’s first “Thalidomide Babies”, known for bodies deformed due to the infamous morning sickness drug. Alvin was born without arms, and soon after birth was given up for adoption. Experts said he would never be independent, and if he reached adulthood his quality of life would be negligible. But Alvin was raised by wonderful foster parents who taught him to use his feet and made him believe he could accomplish anything with the right attitude. Alvin has been featured in two award-winning documentaries for CBC Television’s National Network, and one for PBS Frontline, which was nominated for an Emmy. Another short story on ABC Television’s Frontrunners did receive an Emmy, but his personal favourite remains the guest spot he appeared in on Fox TV’s X-Files.

Born without arms in 1960, Alvin was never expected to be independent. Today, Alvin Law exemplifies the belief in the power of a positive attitude. This has made him a highly regarded keynote and motivational speaker. As a child, Alvin learned to use his feet as hands. These feet enabled him. However, Alvin's program shows that it takes more that physical ability to be successful.

Alvin's ability is rooted in living proof as an award winning musician in high school, and the second youngest to ever receive the George Vanier Award for Outstanding Young Canadian. The other was Wayne Gretsky. Alvin's life is so captivating that he has been featured on CBC television, PBS Frontline, and ABC-TV's Frontrunners.

Alvin Law is a keynote speaker. Motivational speakers are common, but finding one whose specialty is talking to young people is different. Since 1988, Alvin has spoken to over one million students in Canada, the United States and Australia. He uses humour, honesty and raw emotion that leaves all who see him inspired.

Alvin’s Keynote address is: “No Such Thing as Can’t”

For more information: 1.866.420.3338 toll free or 780.455.33338 email: info@speakersalberta.com

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