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Andrea Holwegner, nutrition expert, is the energetic founder and President of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc., based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Since 2000, she has counseled hundreds of individuals, including Olympic athletes, CEOs and families on the benefits of healthy eating. Andrea leads a team of highly trained and experienced dietitians in her practice. She is known as the "chocoholic nutritionist", believing anyone can achieve health without guilt or complexity, and that the secret to success is having fun.

Andrea is one of a handful of Registered Dietitians in North America that is a qualified professional speaker. She knows how to deliver relevant content mixed with humor and fun, capturing corporate, association and government audiences with a buzz that's better than caffeine! Her simple ideas elevate productivity, work-life balance and health.

Andrea is a columnist for The Calgary Herald and a regular on-air expert for QR77 Radio, Global Calgary Morning News and CTV Morning News. She has written for CBC News Online and is a Member of the Chatelaine Health Advisory Board. Andrea was a dietitian on the Life Network's popular reality weight loss show "Taking it Off" and has appeared on CTV National News and CBC News Today Newsworld. She's also been interviewed by CBC Radio in almost every province in Canada.

Andrea has/is:

  • A Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition & Food Sciences and Dietetic Internship from the University of Alberta.
  • A certified Craving Change™ expert specializing in strategies for problematic and emotional eating
  • A Member of the Dietitians of Canada, the College of Dietitians of Alberta, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, the Global Speakers Federation, Restaurants Canada and the Canadian Obesity Network
  • A media expert for the Dietitians of Canada
  • Recipient of a regional award by the Dietitians of Canada: The Speaking of Food & Healthy Living Award for Excellence in Consumer Education.

For more information and bookings: 1.866.420.3338 info@speakersalberta.com

Rave Reviews and Testimonials

"I wish to sincerely thank you for participating at this year's Freshables Conference, your topic and your presentation was just what the Doctor ordered being that the focus was on Health & Wellness at this year's event. Your message and your energy inspired all that attended. Your execution was spot on while at the same time left us wanting more of what you had to offer. In today's fast moving economy and hectic lifestyle you brought home a realistic action plan for real personal change as well as solutions that can target real sales growth in today's Food Retail environment. I applaud your ability to coach and mentor and most importantly your infectious humour and great passion for what you believe in. Andrea, it's my pleasure to endorse you as a true professional."

Keith J. Ball, Manager, Produce Sales & Marketing, Associated Grocers
"Andrea Holwegner was a guest speaker at our annual retreat and was great! Addressing a full room of doctors to discuss nutrition is a challenge, I am sure...but Andrea hit the mark by teaching us about the psychology of eating...the why and how it is that we ignore what we know about health...much more useful than a lecture on food. She was fun and engaging and the information she gave us was very, very relevant to all of us. Thank you Andrea!"
Dr. Val Kirk MD FRCPC CCPE, Deputy Head, Department of Paediatrics, University of Calgary
"Andrea is not only a wellness expert but also an engaging speaker that has stirred up positive change in our team. As a group of busy professionals with very demanding jobs, we appreciated Andrea's practical, not perfect approach. She enthusiastically led our half-day offsite retreat with relevant strategies to improve our nutrition, health and productivity. Each of us took away simple tips that could be implemented right away to help us manage stress and improve how we perform in our professional and personal lives."
Carrolyn Schmid & Jacky Chan, Senior Advisors, Corporate Controllers Group, Enbridge Inc.
"Andrea, your high energy keynote session delivered at our conference was right on target! Your positive contagious energy and humour generated optimism with our group. Your stories and practical tips not only captivated the attention of our group, but inspired us to take charge of our health. We learned that eating well doesn't have to be difficult, and that small changes can really make a difference in how we feel at work every day. Your fresh approach to healthy eating and philosophy that all foods can fit really allowed you to connect with the audience. We look forward to having you speak to our group again. Thanks!"
Debra Watt, Manager, Court Services, Alberta Justice
WOW----We don't have to be perfect. What a relief! Andrea spoke at our annual fall conference, and just lit up the room with her energized, dynamic, and inspiring presentation. The feedback from our participants was just glowing; like they've been renewed and given permission to focus on what really counts at meal time. The real life approach to food and nutrition is so much more attainable and sustainable. Our group consisted of Food and Nutrition managers, dietitians, and food industry reps and all were engaged with Andrea's messages."
Denise Russell, President, Alberta Society of Nutrition Managers
"We can't thank you enough for your contributions to our HealthCare Education day, especially on such tight timelines. The amount of work you put into tailoring your message and your presentation to our crowd was very clear. Your presentation was an incredible opportunity for our customers to take something away not only for their professional lives, but for their personal lives as well. Additionally, your energy and ability to relate to the audience was invaluable as a presenter. Your presentation truly transcended age and time, and everybody was able to relate and walk away with something to help them out. Thank you so much for inspiring that in our customers and in us. We hope to have you back again."
Christopher Sprentz, Marketing Manager, SYSCO Calgary
"Andrea spoke to our annual conference of family businesses. She offered a lively and interesting look at the challenges of eating properly in today's busy world. She presented tips for all age groups and made you feel as though you could follow her advice. Most importantly, she never made her audience feel guilty about their current eating habits. I would strongly recommend Andrea as a strong and energetic speaker."
Karen Whiteman, Executive Director, CAFÉ (The Canadian Association of Family Enterprise) Calgary
"Excellent presentation! What a refreshing change to have a speaker inspire rather than "lecture" about nutrition. Your captivating stories, tips and overall approach to healthy eating uplifts and puts people at ease. It was great to hear we don't need to strive to be perfect eaters, and that small changes really can make a difference in how we feel and in our health. Thanks to Andrea, we have solutions to our everyday nutrition challenges that can actually work in real life!"
Tina Tamagi, Human Resources, ARC Resources Ltd.
"Andrea's approach to healthy eating not only inspires, but leaves a lasting impression of hope and confidence for success. She has worked with our staff over the last few years in providing us with sessions focused on simple nutrition tips for better energy, health, and weight management. She is an expert in her field and truly knows how to challenge each person to do just a little bit better. Improved nutrition for our staff has excellent returns for better focus and health for work and in our personal lives. Her sessions are always guaranteed for good attendance and we look forward to bringing her back again to motivate us some more!"
Michele Flaig, Health Services, Devon Canada Corporation
"I loved how realistic and practical this presentation was."
Julie Burns, Public Health Nurse, Alberta Health Services
"Silver Group Purchasing was very pleased to have Andrea Holwegner speak at all five our Education Days across Canada. Andrea's topic, Bite Sized Changes for Supersize Results, was well received by all members. All participants came away from Andrea's presentation having learned new things about how to balance the food they consume. Some of the comments from the group included; speaker made me laugh, very useful concepts and tips to eating healthier, excellent speaker - clear, concise and informative, and loved Andrea's presentation."
Rosemary Hetu, CFE Business Development Rep, BC, Silver Group Purchasing
"I am so grateful for the onsite executive coaching of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc. that our company, Walton Global Investments Ltd., decided to provide to the executives. Of course, I have always known that healthy eating is essential for overall long term health, but it has been with your instructions that I have committed myself to proper nutrition - and it's working! As a result of these sessions, I am more productive, have more energy at work, and have learned not only what to eat, why and when, but also easy strategies to keep it up. My commitment to long term health has never been better or more fun. Thanks for sharing your expertise and putting me on the path to a healthy life."
Leslie Fryers, Q.C., ICD.D, Executive Vice President, Law, Walton Global Investments Ltd.
"We have continued to bring Andrea back multiple times as a speaker for our organization because her message clearly hits home with our employees. She has a unique ability to bring fun, relevant and realistic solutions to help our employees live healthier despite demanding work schedules. When employees are healthier, our company benefits with an improved bottom line. When you need a motivational speaker that will deliver education mixed with a sense of humour in the topic areas of health, wellness and productivity, Andrea will deliver".
Stephanie Stillinger, Manager, HR - Disability Management & Wellness, Newalta Corporate Office
"Carewest has utilized the expertise of Health Stand Nutrition on several occasions. This year, we offered onsite nutrition counselling sessions at some of our sites. Our staff appreciated the practical suggestions and the opportunity to explore relevant strategies for their own unique goals. We also asked dietitian Andrea Holwegner to deliver speaking engagements to our staff at several of our sites and the feedback was terrific! High energy and inspirational were a few of the words used to describe Andrea's sessions. Her practical tips left us wanting more time to explore other dimensions of nutrition and healthy eating. We look forward to the next time we are able to work with the team at Health Stand Nutrition on this important and challenging topic."
Roxanne McKendry, Manager EH&S and IP&C, Carewest (Government of Alberta)
"The Walton Group of Companies has been lucky to work with Andrea for a few years now and she has added immense value to our Health and Wellness program. Not only has she provided our executive team with onsite executive coaching, she has returned numerous times to provide sessions to all employees' who are interested. The feedback on Andrea is always positive from those who attend her sessions. She makes it fun and interesting to learn about health and nutrition and provides advice that is easy to put into practice. All of her sessions are informative, fun and our staff has really made an effort to incorporate her tips into everyday life. She makes health and wellness an approachable topic by giving us ideas that can actually work to help busy professionals and people on the go! Our employees here have definitely benefited from her sessions and we look forward to continuing to work with her in the future!"
Kendall Wylie, Senior Human Resources Advisor, Walton International Group Inc.
"Very informative – lots of fun and SO sensible."
Barb Barrington, Public Health Nurse, Alberta Health Services
"Andrea, I just wanted you to know that your session changed my life. I never took the time to understand nutrition – I love food, I am not over-weight, so all is cool! So I thought. The seminar taught me some very practical things and tips. But mostly Andrea, it's the common sense approach and the no "severe" rules approach that you used to deliver the material that made it worthwhile. I left feeling that I could do something about it and it was not going to be negative (I can still have my two glasses of wine!). I am now so much more aware of nutrition and its impact on my life. Thanks again."
Richard Boyer , President & CEO, Gienow Windows & Doors
"Entertaining, practical and suited for the audience."
Chris Brown, Environmental Specialist, Husky Energy Inc.
Great balance of information and humour. Great to see a dietitian who does not scold or shame but advocates for the middle and moderation to inspire people to change."
Gail Rude, Assistant Principal, Calgary Board of Education
"Very entertaining, Andrea has lots of passion!"
Ben Hale, Environmental Coordinator, Husky Energy Inc.
"Andrea Holwegner brings huge value and return on investment as an inspiring leader in the nutrition field. She is an upbeat speaker, with credible, practical ideas to share. We have continued to bring her back again and again to speak to our employees. Her message is starting to stick! Our employees are starting to "walk the talk" and as a result of eating better, are returning to work feeling healthier and more energized."
Sheri Brake, Manager, Employee Development, IHS Energy
"Thanks for a fabulous afternoon. I enjoyed your energized, articulate, well-prepared and dynamic presentations. I have walked away focused on eating better and not worrying about being perfect. I also liked your approach that how we eat is as important as what we eat."
Colleen Biondi, Attended, "Energized!" Full Day Public Event
I attended your keynote seminar at the Calgary District Dental Society annual event and I just wanted to let you know I thought you were great! I left your presentation renewed in my commitment to the way I feed myself and my family."
Barb Olson, Dental Hygienist, Calgary District Dental Society
"I admit I went to see Andrea with somewhat of a closed mind, thinking she was going to be some "granola feeding dietitian". Was I surprised! Andrea's practical approach and acceptance of human nature helped me to lose 40 lbs and 6 pant sizes; and this was the absolute easiest way to lower my cholesterol. Andrea's tailored program allows me to eat whatever I want. The ongoing consultation and having my wife join the program definitely made a difference in my life."
Mike Podovinnikoff, One-on-One Coaching Client
"I have taken many nutrition courses and read many articles but this is the first time I have ever heard anyone apply common sense to nutrition. You provide a great approach to healthy eating that we can all relate to. Thanks!"
Lanny Watkins, Senior Tax Analyst, ARC Resources Ltd.
"We were fortunate enough to have Andrea come and speak with us for a half-day session about Power Nutrition for Women. This was a very great topic for our members as we are all women and it was helpful to know what kind of things we should be eating even if we do have hectic schedules as working women and mothers. Andrea was able to separate our larger group into small groups and do some hands on activities and group participation. She was able to keep everyone interested in what she had to say and was very energetic. I would definitely recommend Andrea to share her knowledge of nutrition and health with everyone: men, women, and children. She is very knowledgeable and fun!"
Tina Spector, President, Calgary Dental Assistants Association
"Great information & very entertaining."
Shannon Hiebert, Environmental Engineer, Husky Energy Inc.
"Andrea delivered what turned out to be a very popular, useful and successful presentation to employees in our Calgary Corporate office. The feedback was extremely positive, with many comments regarding Andrea's ability to engage the audience, make them laugh and help them to learn the foundations of healthy eating. We will certainly be inviting Andrea back for more sessions."
Alysia Bell, BSc, Health & Wellness Advisor, Penn West Exploration
"Andrea Holwegner is a leading expert in the field of nutrition. After numerous successful television segments on Global Morning News, we asked her to be a regular monthly guest expert. Andrea has continued to bring forward current issues and topics relevant to our viewers. She understands media, comes well prepared, and is both entertaining and energetic. We look forward to continued work with her as a regular guest on our show. Thanks Andrea!"
Angela Kokott, Past co-host, Global Morning News Calgary
"Andrea's session was the most highly regarded by all participants. Feedback received from participants stated "This was awesome! Very inspiring! Excellent information I will apply; when is the next session?"
Dawn Keith, Instructor, Lethbridge Community College

"Andrea's enthusiasm inspired everyone to take their personal health and nutrition into their own hands. Everyone who attended her talk left with something that they could incorporate into their daily nutrition plan immediately and easily."
Alexandra Lys, University of Calgary Medical Students Association
"Thanks to Andrea we were allowed the opportunity to refocus our attention to our own personal needs so that we would then be able to focus on our newly acquired energy for our jobs."
Kevin Kohle, Principal, St. Rita's School
"I thought I had heard it all, but you had new, thought provoking tips."
Vicki Ashmead, Public Health Nurse, Alberta Health Services
"Andrea was contracted to speak to the membership of Mount Royal Support Staff during our Professional Development Days. We are a diverse group ranging from administrative assistants to groundskeepers. It can be a challenge to find speakers that will address issues of importance to all. Andrea was an excellent solution to provide a program for a varied audience. Andrea was very professional in both planning and presenting material that suited our requests. The presentation style was both engaging and entertaining. She presented facts and ideas that could easily be incorporated into daily lives at both work and home. "As our final session of the day, Andrea was able to energize the room with a humorous slideshow and lively delivery. She gave us a new perspective on healthy eating and menu planning which was focused on positive results. We enthusiastically endorse Andrea as a speaker."
Debbie Henson, Co-Chairperson Mount Royal University Support Staff Association PD Days
"Andrea delivered an amazing presentation to our entire Calgary office. This was Access's first ever session on the topic of Nutrition. The feedback was extremely positive. Access employees felt that in addition to being an amazing speaker, Andrea presented new and helpful information that could be used at the office and at home."
Sabina Dinnert, Access Pipeline Inc.
"Andrea your presentation was excellent! Informative, educational and fun! Thank you for partnering with us."
Egon Thauberger, Human Resources Manager, Ply Gem
"Very good information presented in a fun manner".
Jerry Scouler, Senior Staff Engineer, Husky Energy Inc.

"I thought this presentation was engaging and motivational. Andrea is humorous and positive in the delivery of valuable information. Thank you, well done!"

Pamela Garrah, Teacher, Calgary Board of Education
"Andrea Holwegner consistently writes informative, intelligent and relatable columns about diet and nutrition that are relevant for readers of the Calgary Herald. She brings a voice of expertise that is also relatable, reasonable and engaging, and her columns regularly appear among the most read stories on the Herald website."
Tom Babin, Features Editor (Arts & Life, Swerve, Travel), Calgary Herald Newspaper
"Andrea presented a high energy and informative session. Attendees appreciated her approach to nutrition through the options she provided to encourage healthy food choices. They also enjoyed her presentation style and sense of humour."
Darlene Fraser, Member Services Coordinator, College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta
"Relevant, interesting and useful. Information that is useful to me - all presented in a fun and entertaining format. Thank you!"
Dan Bregg, President, Buy Low Foods/Associated Grocers
"Andrea is a spitfire! She is lively, engaging, captivating and delivers great fresh ideas! She dresses up the topic of nutrition and takes it to a whole new level. In today's fast paced and stressed out world it is an important message to hear for your own personal health. As a retailer, the whole healthy eating movement is a hot topic you need to know more about in order to better understand your customer's needs. Andrea's sessions deliver significant added value to retailers who want to make this a priority message for their businesses. Go Andrea!"
Pete Luckett, Professional Speaker and Founder of Pete's Wholesale/Retail Outlets and Luckett Vineyards
"I thoroughly enjoyed the energy brought to the room by you. It is obvious that you started your day off right. Practice makes perfect. Our team was fully engaged due to your infectious energy. Thank you."
Dean Olynik, Chief Executive Officer. Askew's Foods
"I loved how Andrea makes nutrition simple. Consumers are very confused about making good choices and her approach just makes sense. I will be returning to my business with a fresh no-nonsense perspective."
Lori Hoffman, Bakery Manager, Nester's Market
"The information provided today gave me some ideas to help make my store unique/compete with the big-box stores. By providing health related facts we will provide better "we care" approach to sales."
Adrian Krawec, Assistant Manager, Athabasca Buy-Low Foods
Partial List of Clients/Presentations

Abbott Laboratories Limited
Aboriginal Head Start Conference
Access Pipelines
Alberta Electric System Operator
Alberta Health Services (x2)
Alberta Justice
Alberta Legislative Assembly
Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation (x2)
Alberta Regional Nutrition and Food Services Conference (x2)
Alberta Regional Nutrition and Food Services Conference
Alberta Winter Games (x2)
Albi Homes Ltd.
ARC Resources Ltd.
Assante Financial Management Ltd.
Associate Family Medical
Astra Zeneca
ATCO Midstream
Bank of Montreal
Bayer Inc.
BD&P Law Firm
Brightpath Learning Inc.
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Calgary and District Dental Society
Calgary Board of Education
Calgary Dental Assistants Association
Calgary Patriots
Calgary Police Services
Calgary Stampede
Camrose Celebrating Women Conference
Canada Summer Games (x2)
Canadian Colleges Athletic Association
Canadian Diabetes Association
Canadian Society of Nutrition Managers
Canadian Sport Centre Calgary (x2)
Cardel Place
Carewest (x2)
Child and Family Services Authority (Alberta Government)
Churchill Park Family Care Society
City of Calgary
City of Calgary Managers Office
Crape Geomatics
Devon Canada
Dynastream Innovations Inc.
Elevated Learning Academy Inc.
Esso - Imperial Oil Ltd.
GEDCO (Geophysical Exploration & Development Corporation)
Gienow Windows & Doors

Government of Alberta: Alberta Health & Wellness
Hockey Canada
Holy Trinity School
Husky Energy Inc.
IHS Energy
Imperial Oil Resources
Indian Oil & Gas
Inter Pipeline Fund
Jewish Centre Calgary (JCC)
Juno House (x2)
McCormick Company Inc.
McMillan LLP
MDM Medical Clinics
Mount Royal University
MPI (Meeting Professionals International)
Newalta Corporation
Online Business Systems
Palliser Health Region Physicians Conference (x2)
Paradigm Solutions
Penn West Exploration
Penscott Medical Corporation, USA
Peter Lougheed Hospital – Clinical Nurse Educators (x2)
Pleasant Valley Lodge
Ply Gem
Provident Energy Ltd.
Radiology Consultants Associated
RGO Office Products
Roche Pharmaceuticals
Secura Care Homes
Shift Models
Silver Group Purchasing (x2)
Skate Canada
South Calgary Medical
Spalding National Coaching Clinic
Strathcona Tweedsmuir Private School
Swimming Canada
Sysco Food Systems
Talisman Centre for Sport & Wellness
TEC (The Executive Committee)
Toluwa Lodges & Group Homes Inc.
Town of Crossfield
Town of Edson
Trans Canada Pipelines
University of Calgary Medical Students (x2)
Walton International
Watermark Human Capital
Whitehorn Village
Wild Rose Foundation, Voluntary Sector – Vitalize Conference
Wood Group PSN

For more information and bookings: 1.866.420.3338 info@speakersalberta.com

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