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-Peggy Gizen line-Reality–based facilitator

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Location: Medicine Hat, Alberta

Reputation: Provincial

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Peggy Gizen is a pragmatic, reality-based facilitator that connects and engages her audience immediately. She “lives what she speaks and speaks what she lives”, impacting individuals on a human level. Peggy’s natural ability to connect with people stems from her colourful past. At the age of 15, she left home because “she knew it all” and now at 40-something years young, she has realized that she knows nothing! She recalls the wisdom of an elderly mentor who once said, “too old, too fast; too wise, too late!” Through the School of Hard Knocks, Peggy understands the true magnitude of this statement and weaves humble and humorous examples of her shortcomings into all of her workshops.

Peggy’s professional career began in the hospitality industry, where she started as a front line worker and then evolved into a successful entrepreneur. Her passion for excellence in customer service, creative problem-solving, genuine desire to work with people and five years of formal education at Medicine Hat College led Peggy into the field of human services and employment. Former colleagues would say that as a facilitator, she played a major role in creating life-changing experiences for their clients. She has the uncanny ability to perceive people’s attitudes and motivations and skillfully relates to people exactly where they are. As an “in the moment” speaker, Peggy has the ability to adjust her presentation style to meet the needs of the immediate situation.

Peggy is a continual learner. Since graduating from Medicine Hat College she has become a qualified instructor for Myers-Briggs, a certified Personality Dimensions Trainer and a certified life-coach skills trainer, taken an emotional smarts course, a facilitators’ training course and a course in family and divorce mediation.


  • Inspires and empowers audiences to become masters of their own destinies
  • Engages people with her winning attractive style
  • Picks up non-verbal cues from audience members
  • Anticipates the actions and reactions of others and thus wins their confidence
  • Thrives on the excitement and challenge of creating new concepts and designs, negotiating, arbitrating and, in general, achieving the impossible
  • Values action and the freedom to use all of the resources at hand to get the desired outcomes.

In Peggy’s presentations, either her Myers-Briggs or her Personality Dimensions Workshops, she will ease participants into better understanding themselves through self-analysis and gaining a good understanding of the qualities of others that form their team. This is done through an examination of personality types. It always results in:

  • Personal growth
  • Developing effective teams and individuals
  • Teams rowing the boat the same way
  • Greater respect for others in the group
  • Taking personal responsibility for your life actions and choices.
“I really enjoyed this one. I don’t usually enjoy workshops but this was definitely the exception!!”
Louise Holmes, Brooks Alberta Service Centre, Employment and Immigration
“I think this was fantastic training and something I would recommend to everyone. Very powerful – and great facilitator”
Jodie Engbert, Youth Works
Loved Peggy’s stories to bring the concepts home; Great examples; I love the way the manual is set out, and all the hands-on exercises; The power of beliefs and how to change them was great; Changing thinking from “I have to” – to “I want to / need to”; Knowing how to take on the future”.
About Peggy’s presentations:
Well balanced incorporating humour, personal experience and wisdom”; “lots of substance in her address and the audience listened attentively”; “people personally thanked her after the presentation, noting that they found her inspirational”; “Peggy takes a very down to earth approach”; “she was motivating” ; “she highlighted understanding differences and how you can work with others.”
David Hutchinson, Chair, Big Brothers Big Sisters BC/Alberta Regional Conference Planning Committee
More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) email: info@speakersalberta.com
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