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Theoron Fleury is a former NHL All-Star, Stanley Cup Winner and Olympic Gold Medalist.

Theoron is a best-selling author of two inspiring books: Playing with Fire and Conversations with a Rattlesnake. He is a person of great life experience. He has learned the lessons of the school of hard knocks. He has successfully turned his life around.

Theo is also a dynamic motivational keynote and workshop speaker focusing on healing, relational trauma, compassion, vulnerability, compassion and human transformation. He touches the hearts of every audience member with his humorous recollections of his successful career as a hockey player. In his presentation, Don't Quit Before the Miracle, he delivers a powerful heart-rending message of reconciliation, courage, optimism, hope, confidence and success. His life story is compelling and convincing. It is relevant to every one of us.
Theoron Fleury

Theo's mission is to help people get to where they want to go. He applies this from meeting people on the street to when he is addressing a large audience. Theo loves people, their stories and their journeys.

Theoron's true intention is always to heal, assist others through healthy honest conversations and to convey messages of hope, personal growth, self-actualization, success and to savor life whatever their circumstance. He is deeply committed to self-improvement daily.

Theoron always puts audience members at ease first by exposing his vulnerability. Then he offers audience members an opportunity to examine their way of life and he challenges them to accomplish more. How does he do it? He asks them to reflect and to correct their shortcomings through mindfulness and action.

Theoron Fleury Photo

His most popular and admired presentation is Don't Quit Before the Miracle.

Thoeron was awarded the Canadian Humanitarian Award and the Queen's Jubilee Medallion. He is an Honorary Chief and the recipient of the Aboriginal Indspire Award. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Science from the University of Guelph-Humber for his outstanding contributions to the mental health of Canadians. He was also bestowed a second Honorary Doctorate in Laws for Brandon University for his work in combatting child sexual abuse and for his extra-ordinary efforts to promote healing and recovery.

Theoron Fleury pursues excellence in everything that he does. He will positively challenge audience members to do the same.

For more information and bookings: 1.866.420.3338 info@speakersalberta.com

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