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Debra Debow considers herself as "A Soul Detective". Debra has been called a Shaman Woman. She helps audience members reflect on their lives and to rediscover their strengths.

Debra has embraced challenge, multiple barriers and re-invented her life several times. In adulthood, she suffered brain damage and multiple psychiatric disorders. In mid-life, she surrendered a home due to fire, left jobs because of illness, suffered through addictions, psyche wards, a miscarriage, the deaths of a beloved husband and a beautiful baby. Many doors were closed to her.

This did not stop her from going on to become an award-winning teacher, an accomplished artist, a publisher, a writer, a healer, a workshop keynote leader for change and an internationally acclaimed ceremonialist. Adversity and multiple traumatic events did not stop her from going on to earn three degrees and to become an independent scholar. She has spoken at peace conferences around the world. Debra is a Member of the Sufi Order, a Canadian Arts Ambassador (CAA) appointed by the House of Commons of Canada, a Representative for Global Network for Peace, a Pipe Carrier and a former Keeper of the Fung Loy Gok Shrine, a temple to Taoism.

Debra's story is one of power, passion and courage with a clear positive message about the profound and resilient nature of the human spirit. Her presentations help audience members change their limiting core beliefs and to make positive decisions based on commitment to values, creativity, humour and cross-cultural truths for the growth of their souls.

Her powerful and loving presence puts audiences at ease and opens their minds to infinite possibilities. Her passionate and humorous, bordering on hilarious, keynote presentations and her workshops entertain, inspire, offer concrete solutions on how to make the "right responses" in life and to animate the human spirit. From laughter to introspective silence, Debra takes audiences on a power-filled journey of self and soul focusing on life-affirming action, universal teachings for wellness, the power of thought and a search for meaning in the face of adversity and our fast-paced society. With riveting stories and thought-provoking audience participation, Debra invites audiences to summon powerful tools for embracing life on life's terms.

Debra has a Masters Degree in Education, a Bachelors Degree in Education, a Bachelors Degree in Arts and she also holds several diplomas. She is an exhibiting artist, a jewelry designer, is a published poet and frequent contributor to learned magazines and journals. Her acclaimed periodical Goddesszing is circulates in nine countries. She has participated in Archeological digs and she an expert in ancient women's history, having devoted over 25 years in the study.

“Wow! We were excited to have Debra at our Healing for Change conference. She has a powerful, almost mystical way of making everyone feel so important, worthy and needed and she lifted us up so we felt we could make a difference."
Angie Patterson, Manitoba Women Healing for Change
“Debra's big energy really took hold of the women, many from marginal groups and surrounded them with hope and possibility.” 
Belle Matokus, Knowing Our Spirits Conference, Tribal Chiefs Association
“Our employees really enjoyed Debra's address about overcoming adversity and stress. It came at a much needed time in a stressful workplace and provided useful tools for de-stressing.”
Larry Kasper, Employment Insurance Canada
“Debra designed a series of sessions for our employees at GPRC that invited them to explore creativity and innovative thinking. It was well received and organized .Employees confidences were boosted and many asked to have her back."
PhD, Cheryl King, Professional Development, Grande Prairie Regional College
“Debra mesmerized audiences from around the world with her multi-media presentation and opening ceremony at Anaculter's Women Changing Earth conference. The audience enjoyed amazing stories and were invited into a world where anything is possible if you believe. We have invited her back as part of the Women for Peace network."
Meral Ambligak, Anaculter, Istanbul Turkey
"I was so energized and pumped after Debra's Kissing the Cobra presentation I was inspired to re-think many experiences in my life and re-visit my dream and goals"
Jae Haggerty, New Mexico Womens Retreat Center, New Mexico
"We will not soon forget our keynoter, Debra Debow, who opened the conference with powerful stories of her life and ended it with 200 women singing in different groups but in unison in her presentation: All Together All One. The set he powerful energy and tone for the rest of the conference."
Cathy Wells, Falher Community Living, Women in Bloom Conference
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Alberta Mental Health
Alberta Teachers Association
Anaculter, Istanbul, Turkey
Arts Therapy Association of Alberta
Bandilier Forestry Department, New Mexico, USA
Banff Centre for the Arts
Body, Mind, Spirit Expo, Calgary
Boston Children's Museum, Boston, Massachusetts
Employment Insurance Canada, Alberta Division
Ghost Ranch Centre, New Mexico
Glastenbury Women's Conference, England
Grande Prairie Friendship Centre
Grande Prairie Regional College
Hanna Wellness Centre, Greece
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump Gathering
Head Start Program
Hoyuk Site, Konya, Turkey
Mad MAX Tours, Bath, England
Manitoba Women Healing for Change
Mistahia Health Region
Naramata Centre, British Columbia
NICHE Centre, Grande Prairie
Sophia Centre, Portland, Oregon, USA
Tribal Chiefs Association of Alberta
United Farmers Union
University of Alberta
University of Calgary
University of Oklahoma
University of Toronto
Valleyview Empowering Children Conference
Young Living Expo, Utah, USA
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