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Dr. Mark DeVolder
"The Change Specialist"

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Change, Employee Engagement,
Trust, Leadership, Teamwork and
Pure Inspiration



Dr. Mark DeVolder has motivated and equipped thousands to navigate change build high levels of trust and become fully engaged at work and at home for over a decade.

Mark DeVolder distinguishes himself as a change specialist. In 2010, 2011 and 2012, Mark received the prestigious Top Five Speaker Award USA in Change Management.

As an expert in the dynamics of organizational change and employee engagement, DeVolder reveals why 70 percent of all change initiatives fail to achieve their stated goals. With straight-forward strategies and convincing business examples, Mark shows leaders how to drive results to improve the bottom line. Mark is the author of Get Engaged! A Practical Guide for Improving Employee Engagement.

Dr. DeVolder is known for cutting edge content, valuable take-aways, entertaining audience interaction, all illustrated by unstoppable humour and memorable stories. Audience members leave with useful tools and a template to re-energize, re-engage and positively transform their workplace.

Mark’s presentations are backed up by impressive business acumen; Dr. DeVolder has skilfully guided change management projects worth more than 500 million dollars. His success is due in part to his expertise as a mediator. Over 95% of his contracts result in signed agreements.

Mark's client list is impressive: NASA, BP Oil, Motion Industries, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and IBM to name a few. Dr. DeVolder has engaged and delighted audiences from New York to Dubai, from Toronto to Jamaica and from Bogota to Kuala Lumpur.

Dr. DeVolder Can Speak Authoritatively on Five Topics

Change: Harnessing the Hurricane: Surviving and Thriving during Extreme Change

In Mark's signature keynote, leaders learn how to adapt, survive and thrive in a climate of constant change. Participants will receive essential leadership tools and a template to successfully plot a course through the storm: the turbulent times and the doldrums. Leaders will leave with a personal plan to successfully navigate change in their organization, become a leader/coach and develop employee engagement. Don't just survive; learn to thrive during Extreme Change!


  • People let go of the past and accept new ways
  • Employee engagement
  • Effective implementation of changes
  • Creative solutions and new innovations
  • Improved harmony and morale

Sales/Customer Service/Employee Engagement: Get Engaged! The Business of Relationships

See the profound connection between highly motivated employees and increased productivity and profitability. With straight-forward strategies and convincing business examples, Mark shows leaders how to improve the bottom line through the pillars of commitment: clarity, competence, influence and appreciation. You will leave with tools and a template to re-energize, re-engage and transform your workplace and life.


  • Evaluate the level of engagement within the organization
  • Increase motivation through engagement strategies.
  • Increase engagement through effective recognition.

Trust: Trust Factor: The Competitive Advantage 

Trust is at the heart of every successful organization, and trust is always about relationships. With compelling business examples and proven strategies, Mark DeVolder reveals essential behaviours and characteristics to build and strengthen trust throughout the organization.
No matter what the industry, everyone is in the business of relationships. You will gain a competitive advantage with trustworthy managers, loyal employees and clients who trust the integrity of your company and product. It's the trust factor.


  • Learn what mistrust costs organizations
  • Practice the essential behaviours that build employee and customer trust
  • Learn how to avoid actions that betray.
  • Learn to rebuild trust when it’s broken

Pure Motivation: You Can Do ANYTHING!

Built around the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy, Mark shows you how to believe in yourself and others. It highlights the difference in outcomes when the focus is changed from what people are doing wrong to what happens when you believe in them. Mark explains the three fundamental building blocks of Believe - Expect - Exceed with delightful illustrations of what it means to believe in yourself and others. He goes on to demonstrate the benefits of expecting that they can and will succeed, and in applauding when results exceed expectations. Mark lifts this concept of self-fulfilling profit to the level of true inspiration, triumph and celebration.

Leadership: New Leadership - The Player-Coach

Today's leaders must be in the game as a coach and a player. Mark's premise is that many people think the primary role of leadership is to fix problems. They often know little about enabling individuals, or teams, to create their own solutions. He goes on to demonstrate how leaders can leverage their efforts to the greatest advantage. Participants are usually amazed at the eventual outcome ... more time, better employee buy-in and superior performance.


  • Learn the fundamental building blocks of believe, expect, exceed:
  • BELIEVE the best of others
  • EXPECT employees to succeed
  • Watch them EXCEED all your expectations

Client Testimonies

DeVolder Photo


"Thank you again for an engaging, entertaining, empowering presentation. I believe we all left with a better grip on our own humanity and tools to soar higher."
Spaceport Operations, Space Florida
"Many of our executives stated that you gave them more to think about than any speaker in the past regarding navigating change and transition."
Motion Industries, Fortune 500 Company
"It’s rare that a professional speaker can hold the attention of a crowd and bring people to their feet and Mark you did just that!"
Sales & Marketing Associated Grocers
"Dr. DeVolder's presentation was deep and important for our development in a daily changing world."
Executive Director, BPO Association, Bogotá, Colombia
“Nearly a month after the conference, my colleagues are still talking about Mark's presentations.”
Conference Organizer, California Dental Association
"Thanks to Mark, I was the hero!"
Meeting planner who booked Mark DeVolder
"Thought-provoking and dynamic. Moving and powerful. Remarkable energy. Mark was inspiring and kept the audience charged."
"You delivered an outstanding presentation and greatly impressed the audience."
Insurance Executives' Conference in Jamaica, MDRT related group
"Dr. DeVolder's presentation was so timely, informative and well delivered!"

AIG Financial Group

"Mark's efforts to customize his material to our audience were appreciated and proved very successful!"
"Mark DeVolder receives my highest praise!"
Royal Mounted Canadian Police, Headquarters
Representative Client List

Aboriginal Financial Officers Association
AIG Financial Group
Air Liquide
Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC
Arizona School Administrators Association
Asociacion Colombiana de Contact Centers y BPO- Colombia
Association of Rotational Molders- Chicago
Associated Grocers
B.C. Hydro
BP Oil
California Dental Association
Canada Border Services Agency
Canada Revenue Agency
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Canadian Information Processing Society
City of Ottawa
Consulting Engineers of Alberta
Department of Justice Canada
Diamond Parking Service
Environment Canada
Florida Space Coast Economic Development Commission
Foresters Insurance (seven presentations in 10 months)
Gibraltar Industries
Health Canada
Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica
Idaho National Laboratory
Insurance Advisory Council in Jamaica
International Road Dynamics- Alberta
KONECRANES (Dubai, Finland) World Leader in Cranes
Lake View Credit Union
Lumbermens Merchandising Corp
Manitoba Hydro
Motion Industries (NAPA Parts), a Fortune 500 company
NASA- Space Florida
National Asphalt Association
New Brunswick Community College
Nova Scotia Environment and Labour
Ontario Pork Industry Council
PAE (Lockheed)
Project Management Institute- Idaho
Salmon Arm School Board
Service Canada
Tolko Industries
TradingScreen (Wall Street, New York)
Transport Canada
Transportation Investment Corporation (multi-billion dollar project Port Mann Bridge/Corridor)
UNI Malaysia

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