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George Couros
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The Networked Educator
The Networked Leader

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George Couros is the Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning for Parkland School Division. He has worked with all levels of schools from K-12 as a teacher, a technology facilitator and as a school-based administrator (school principal). He also co-facilitates Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results leadership training. George is a leader on the effective use of social media to improve student learning. He is a sought-after speaker across Canada and throughout the USA on the topic of innovative student learning and engagement.
George is also the creator of the Connected Principals Blog Site as well as the Founder of Connected Canada.  His focus is to help organizations create optimal learning environments for innovation within schools.  Although George is a leader in the area of innovation, his focus is always the development of leadership, people and what is best for kids. He uses humour as a way to connecting with his audiences. He tailors his presentations to meet particular organizational objectives and the listeners' needs and aspirations. His presentations are known to be both informative and entertaining. He uses humour well to relate to his audiences. He creates an emotional connection that helps people move to the next level. George mixes relevant research and personal anecdotes to give proven practical actions to implement new learning systems. He helps audience members feel comfortable in taking risks in their own learning, advancing their careers, their knowledge, their wisdom and that of their students. George also offers great leadership lessons for business enterprises. George addresses both education conferences and business crowds.

In his keynote address or workshop, The Networked Educator, George tells teachers, school principals and college instructors to embrace social media as a means to learning. He explains how they can make use of this powerful new technology to advance learning. "The role of teacher is constantly evolving and changing, and sometimes we feel that we are not supported." says George. That being said, many educators are often unaware of some of the amazing opportunities that social media is not only providing our students, but teachers as well. As learners first, teachers will see and find ways to promote creativity, innovation, while inspiring their voice and the voice of their students. This presentation is particularly well suited to teachers' conventions, college and university faculties and progressive school administrators that want discover the power and wonders of the new-age technology for their staff members and their students.
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His keynote address or workshop, The Networked Leader, is suited for the business community, corporations and small to mid-sized companies.  George explains that the role of leader is changing quickly as the world becomes more "social".  To be able to tap into the wisdom of the world and create a transparent environment, the new-age leader will not only have to embrace the effective use of social media, but also look at how adapt corporate culture to adjust to this changing landscape.  "We need to become the "Learning Leader" for our organization" and social media plays a key role". It gives the managers and employees the opportunity to connect, openly learn and humanize business organizations.  When we work to create this continuous improvement, we will create better organizations.  In this keynote or workshop, George will share concrete examples of how the business community is missing the mark when it comes to social media thus reducing their opportunity for profitability. He will also share great instances on how some corporations are making effective use of social media to build better organizations, reshape how they accomplish their work and thus increase their productively, effectiveness and profitability.

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