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Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Reputation: International

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Karen Carleton is President of Performance Solutions Corp. She is a qualified and recognized expert on work-related learning and performance. Karen has over twenty years of “hands on” experience in the field. She has worked for private, public and non-profit sectors. Karen specializes in developing customized performance improvement solutions through needs assessment, research/analysis and evaluation. She has worked with diverse populations including: business professionals, industrial workers, Aboriginal and immigrant groups. An educator by profession, Karen holds a Master’s in Performance Technology and a Master’s in Workplace Learning.

Karen enjoys sharing applicable insights and best practices with professional groups, conference participants and specialized Human Resource staff groups, in her powerful and insightful workshop Secrets of Effective Training. She is a member of the International Society for Performance Improvement, the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD), and the Canadian Evaluation Society. Karen previously directed professional development CSTD’s Edmonton Chapter. She has published articles in two learned journals: How to Motivate & Retain Knowledge Workers, International Journal of Management (June 2011), Framing Performance with the Six P, Performance Improvement (Sept 2009).

Karen’s passion for creative problem solving, partnerships and continuous improvement, adds value to clients at all levels. Karen revamped the learning sessions for a non-profit organization to improve quality, efficiency and accessibility. She developed a university course with user-friendly learner and instructor materials. Karen has created user-friendly evaluation forms/processes for clients to easily gather learner feedback, and has conducted needs assessments and evaluations to inform program planning.

Karen is a much sought-after speaker on subjects related to Secrets of Effective Training, Program Evaluation, and Analyzing Performance Needs within organizations. She is well known in both Canada and in the USA for her expertise and her speaking talents.

Speaker Clients


Human Resource Management Association of Edmonton
The Business Link
Canadian Society for Training and Development
Building a Better Tomorrow Today Conference Edmonton


International Society for Performance Improvement
Boise State University
American Society for Training and Development


Speaker Testimonials
“I was lucky enough to be at Karen's presentation at the HR Management Association of Edmonton's (HRMAE) monthly Networking meeting in March 2011, where she discussed "Performance Needs Analysis". I found her presentation to be extremely relevant and her presentation style was engaging and encouraged audience participation. Her presentation slides were professional, yet fun and interesting. The overall feedback on Karen was great and we would love to have her present again! Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative.”
Kira Bocian, Meyers Norris Penny LLP
“Karen is one of the brightest individuals I have had the pleasure to know. She is passionate, energetic and leads the way…. Karen's ability to network and build relationships is an asset. She is a wonderful presenter. She is a clear speaker, providing concrete, relevant examples that help spark curiosity in the listeners.”
Julianna Cantwell, Juna Consulting/Past President, HRMAE
“ had the pleasure of collaborating with Karen at the ISPI-EMEA conference in Ireland in November, 2009, and was very impressed with her presentation on the Six-P framework, an approach that assesses organizational sustainability. It's clear that her subject-matter expertise is of the highest order, and her ability to capture her knowledge and present it, engagingly, to a receptive international audience was a highlight of the conference. A problem-solver and thought leader, Karen has the academic background, the professional experience, and a genuine enthusiasm for achieving results that exist only among top professionals.”
Bill Combs, Booz Allen Hamilton (formerly), Assistant Professor, Marymount University
“Karen is an outstanding networker and seems to know everyone. She regularly connects people to help them meet their business goals and she is absolutely passionate about adult education, training and development excellence. Karen is a very fine writer and project coordinator and has the best organizational skills of anyone I have ever met….Her undying enthusiasm and willingness to help others are exemplary. Combine that with her keen mind and multiple skills and you have one amazing person.”
Marie Gervais, Global Leadership Associates Inc.
[Karen]”…delivered many initiatives which have added to the efficiency and effectiveness of The Business Link’s learning services programming….[Her] innovations in program development, delivery and monitoring as well in volunteer speaker training will provide a valuable platform for our future program delivery.”
Cathy Goulet, The Business Link
"Karen's vast experience as an adult educator allows her to bring a unique, but practical perspective regarding training and performance to the table. She is very diligent and tenacious when it comes to projects and work and has a natural propensity to lead. Karen's education and experience makes her a rare and valuable find for any organization.”
Jacquie Daniel, Principal Research Analyst, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
“Karen brought to our online graduate class a wealth of professional experience. She is a creative thinker and adept researcher who has the wonderful ability to apply theory and concepts to complex real-world situations.”
Diane Gayeski, PhD, Dean, Ithaca College/Author/Owner, Gayeski Analytics
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