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Location: Edmonton

Joined with a deep love of community and the Province of Saskatchewan, two paths have dominated the career and vocation of Lorne Calvert – faith and politics. He has served as a United Church minister, as Member of the Legislature, Cabinet Minister, as Saskatchewan’s thirteenth Premier and serves today as Principal of St. Andrew’s College at the University of Saskatchewan.

Lorne Calvert was born in a working class neighbourhood of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and earned his undergraduate degree in economics at the University of Regina. Diverting from a planned study of law, Lorne sensed a call to the ministry of the United Church of Canada, earned his post-graduate degree in theology at St. Andrew’s College and was ordained in 1976. For a decade he served as United Church minister in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan and at Zion United in Moose Jaw.

Lorne Calvert began his political career in 1986 when he was elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature as MLA for Moose Jaw South to serve in the opposition caucus with Alan Blakeney. In 1991 he was elected to sit in the government led by Roy Romanow and in the Romanow government worked through the years of severe fiscal crisis to restore fiscal stability to the Province.

As Associate, and then Minister of Health, Lorne shared in a major reorganization of health delivery in Saskatchewan, the establishment of regional health delivery and the introduction of a ‘wellness’ model for health outcomes.

As Minister of Social Services, Lorne Calvert led the introduction of the “Building Independence” program, the most significant reform of the social welfare system in the Province for over 35 years. Building Independence sought to provide new opportunities for family independence from assistance, breaking down the ‘welfare wall’, new health supports for families and simplified process for those requiring assistance. Several thousand children and families were able to move from dependence to independence as a result of the reforms.

Winning a vigorously contested race to succeed Roy Romanow as leader of the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party, Lorne became Premier leading a minority government in 2001.

Lorne Calvert believes that there can be no social progress without economic progress. To this end Premier Calvert focused his agenda on growth in the provincial economy: tax and royalty changes to encourage resource development, investment in sustainable energy, marketing campaigns nationally and internationally, introduction of new immigration policies, the fostering of new economic activities and investments in education and training resulted in a significant economic change in Saskatchewan. Despite relatively low resource prices, drought in the grains sector, BSE in the cattle industry, challenges in forestry, Saskatchewan’s economy rebounded and the province’s population began to grow. The foundations of Saskatchewan’s current growth and prosperity were laid.

But if Lorne believes that there can be no social progress without economic progress, his conviction is equal that there should be no economic progress that does not result in social progress for all. As the economic fortunes of the Province improved, he initiated infrastructure investments, expanded drug coverage for seniors, established literacy programs, made minimum wage improvements, developed province-wide pre-kindergarten and community schools, invested in post-secondary education and created an environmental trust fund.

Lorne Calvert gave up his seat in the Legislature in 2009 to return to Church and community as the Principal of St. Andrew’s College where he engages in supporting the work of preparing women and men for the ministry and service in the communities of prairies.

Lorne is married to Betty Calvert a former professional figure skater, and marketing and administrative professional and photographer. They share the joy of two children and two grandchildren.

Lorne Calvert is an articulate and humourous presenter. He can address most topics related to economics and the growth of social programs in conjunction with economic growth.

Here are five suggested topics for Lorne:

Wealth Is More Than Potash

Lorne has a deep appreciation for the importance of the fiscal and economic stability of a community. It’s essential to its ongoing health, welfare and growth. Through his extensive experience in government, Lorne Calvert presents a passionate argument that the true wealth of a community is defined by more than economics. Its primary resource is its human resource. It’s most important and sustaining medium for wealth is its people. Lorne explains the “hard” lessons he learned and how they apply to most of what we do, how we do it, and how we succeed personally, professionally and in our communities.

How To Make Friends and Influence Government

Having occupied elected office for nearly a quarter of century, Lorne Calvert has seen a host of groups and individuals approaching and seeking to influence government. He offers a practical guide to what to do and not do in shaping public policy, influencing elected officials and making your case to government. Lorne’s presentation is invaluable to any group seeking to change things for the better – no matter where they live and work.

What Makes Saskatchewan Tick?

What makes Saskatchewan tick? Each summer as Premier Lorne Calvert engaged in a province-wide tour with elected colleagues in a chartered bus. The office of Premier and the road trips in the bus gave him a unique “inside” view of Saskatchewan and what makes Saskatchewan distinctive. In an engaging way, let Lorne share his views and snapshots of Saskatchewan from the days and nights on the bus and his reflections on how far Saskatchewan has come and is going to build a better future for its residents, Western Canada, the Country and the World.

The “New West” – Emerging Western Politics and Economies

As Premier of Saskatchewan, Lorne Calvert shared in the establishment of the Council of the Federation, debates with the Federal Government over equalization in Canada, and the shifting economic strength of the regions of Canada. He presents on the changing role of the Provinces and the regions, particularly the West, in the Canada emerging in the 21st Century. His unique grasp of recent economic shifts gives audiences everywhere a better understanding of the “New West” and the new realities that are shaping the future of Canada.

The Intersection of Faith and Politics

“Why would you give up the pulpit for politics?” was the question Lorne Calvert was most frequently asked in public life. Lorne Calvert reflects on the questions of faith, public service and partisan politics in contemporary Saskatchewan and Canada. Above all, Lorne is a deeply religious man. Learn how he harnesses his religious beliefs to make a better world, to grow people and to grow spiritually.

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