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Location: Calgary, Alberta

Reputation: Provincial

Lana Asuchak is a successful fitness consultant and owner of LA Interactive. Lana has her Masters of Arts in Exercise Psychology, her Bachelor of Physical Education, and various certifications in the fitness industry. She has worked in the fitness industry for 20 years as a personal trainer, business owner, fitness pilates instructor, trainer of trainers, and workshop presenter. Lana is a part-time position as a Sessional Instructor with Mount Royal University in the Physical Education Department. Lana is a proven articulate expert and speaker on matters relating to stress, health and fitness.

Lana’s mission is to help people integrate vitality and energy into their lives so they not only look and feel great, but live a more healthy and active lifestyle. This will increase the quality of their lives and significantly decrease the risk of chronic disease.

In her presentations, Lana’s message centres on the following eight subjects:

  1. Promote wellness within your organization
  2. Encourage healthy lifestyle choices
  3. Enhance motivation, teamwork, and customer service
  4. Reduce health care costs, worker’s compensation claims and absenteeism
  5. Increase employee productivity
  6. Increase your organization’s profitability
  7. Improve organizational health & safety
  8. Develop ability to compete while reducing stress


“Lana has presented for me with Personal Best, Living Fit. She is a very dynamic, energetic speaker. She engages her audience and gets everyone participating with her in some way. She lectured for a bit and then had everyone doing “Moves and Grooves” where they stood up and moved in some way. It was very interactive and fun. I have had her come in three times now and would definitely have her back again!”
Linda Crawford – Owner, Pure Potential Personal Fitness Training Inc. Personal Trainer - Lifestyle Coach – Facilitator and Member, Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta©
“Lana is a passionate professional and it comes across in her speaking. Time after time, she delivers energizing and informative speeches that are enjoyable to listen to.”
Cheryl Thurston, Supervisor, Fitness & Personal Training Services
Mount Royal University
“I have had the great pleasure of experiencing Lana Asuchak's speaking on a few occasions now.
Lana prepares materials that really engage the audience in a fun, vibrant, fast-paced way; it’s thrilling to learn what she has to say. She is always appropriately & respectfully attired. Engaging personally & always punctual, she makes everyone feel welcome & appreciated. Her presentation style I would say is democratic-cooperative, where her willingness to engage audience participation keeps everyone attentive & entertained. Lana's voice is always clearly heard & her charming tone & frequent energetic humorous laughter really make her presentation memorable. I wouldn't hesitate to hear Lana speak on any topic, she is that good & having spoken with a number of fellow listeners of hers, she is universally admired & loved! I left with so much information & a bounce in my stride, looking forward to the next time I would experience her talks. Lana has amazing energy & an infectious enthusiasm for her chosen subject matter; it’s impossible not to join in & feel radiant too.”
Paul Hallett
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