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-View from Greenhaven Farm line


View from Greenhaven Farm

by Noreen Olson
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Noreen Olson is a Champion – a champion of rural Alberta, rural living and rural lifestyles. Author of several books, award-winning poet, humourist, and accomplished public speaker, she always captures an audience that wants to deepen and appreciate the value of living on a farm or in a small town.

She has engaged several hundred groups and organizations on a variety of subjects relating to how rural communities work and how women in them “make them tick”. She is an expert in Alberta history and she is able to relate and explain the way things work today and how they are evolving.

Her “View From Greenhaven Farm” will inject several lively outbursts of laughter to any group while causing participants to think clearly about the role and importance of preserving our rural heritage. She can provide unique insights and practical ideas on how to make things happen for the benefit of community organizations and of individuals whose hearts are grounded in rural living and small towns.

She has inspired audiences throughout Alberta for many years. Her common sense approach and her humour cause audience members to expand their horizons to accomplish more. She instigates people to grow personally, professionally and through their volunteer work for the benefit of rural-based community organizations.

Noreen will tailor her presentation to meet the needs of your group

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