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-From Tribulation to Jubilation line

From Tribulation to Jubilation
A powerful keynote address

Debra Debow Photo

Debra Debow, international speaker, healer and global ceremonialist, has captivated audiences everywhere with her spell-binding story of personal triumph over repeated adversity, traumas and multiple difficulties. Experiencing disability, tragedy and illness first-hand, she has succeeded in re-building and re-inventing herself several times.

Debra, in her powerful keynote address, From Tribulation to Jubilation, shares the power- filled ways her spirit was kept intact, healed and changed and how she was able to draw on reserves of resilience. How? Through the application of:

  • Universal truths taught by teachers in several cultures
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Life-affirming action
  • Re-framing
  • Belief re-patterning, and
  • The power of destiny.

Debra inspires her audiences with riveting, sometimes humourous, true anecdotes of walking the paths of insanity, addictions and abuse to becoming an award-winning teacher, artist, representative for peace and global ceremonialist. In one of her relevant anecdotes, she tells about meeting and "kissing a cobra" in Turkey and how this helped her overcome several personal and professional obstacles. Her keynote address is positively uplifting.

Debra motivates audience members to summon tools for living life on life's terms. She instills a powerful message of hope and triumph. Her radiant energy envelopes audiences and convinces them to renew and reclaim their own energetic reserves and to aspire to reach new positive goals.

The Learning Outcomes of this keynote address include:

  1. Seeing obstacles as "soul directives"
  2. Taking action based on personal value systems
  3. Reframing thoughts for power and success
  4. Seeing adversity as opportunity
  5. Considering universal cross-cultural truths as a blueprint for resilience
  6. Taking positive steps to becoming the sovereign of their own life
  7. Accessing the power of movement and energy management, and
  8. Accepting inspirations from their own life story.
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