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“When Making Better Versions of Yesterday no Longer Cuts it”

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Vik Maraj
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It sounds strange but, there are very few corporate change efforts that have ever failed. That is because change accomplishes exactly what it is designed for – making a better yesterday.

Vik Maraj’s presentation Transformation was born out of thousands of hours of performance coaching and consulting with organizations committed to their own reinvention. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of all change management efforts produce a modified version of what already exists in the organization. And organizations hope that these incremental performance gains will carry the day against the unprecedented pace at which local and global environments are shifting.

The deck chairs are shuffled, strategic plans are drawn up, GAP and SWOT analyses are done, yellow stickies litter the walls, and new visions are word-smithed until everyone’s head hurts; all this in the hopes of some marginal increase in profitability, service, or performance. And if we tell the truth about it – not many results or KPI’s will really change in the coming year. And this continues to happen in board rooms or retreats around the world in spite of its proven ineffectiveness.

"The more things change the more they stay the same" Voltaire



Why? The answer: Few leaders are successful in dealing with their culture. As Peter Drucker eloquently put it, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” And change is incapable of effectively addressing culture – at best change management deals with the products of the culture: process, roles, org charts, physical space, and behaviour. It does not confront the fundamental DNA of the organization, hence the old adage:

So how do you beat this predictable trap?
Answer: Transformation, NOT more Change Management.

So then, what's the difference? Transformation is not “better” change. Transformation produces a “wake up” an “aha”. It reveals what you have not been able to see that has limited your view of success and of life. The result of transformation is an altered state.

Transformation will describe a unique pathway for accessing breakthrough thinking in which:

  • New possibilities emerge
  • New actions become obvious
  • New conversations start
  • New behaviours become natural, and
  • A whole new future becomes real.

Vik creates with us what is possible in his Transformation keynote or workshop:

  • Creation, Aliveness, and Purpose – REAL Purpose – starts to course through the veins of your organization
  • Employees naturally begin to act in ways that fulfill a new future that inspires every one of them, and
  • Business results move from incremental to breakthrough levels.

Your organization will trade in its old problems for an entirely new problem – the problem of being a leader in territory that only elite organizations have charted before.

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