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Ruben Nelson Photo

The Drivers of Change:
What They Are & Where They Are Taking Us

Ruben Nelson
Executive Director
Foresight Canada

Globalization, demographics, microelectronic technologies and the emerging information economy are re-shaping our society and our future. We know change is washing over us, but do we really understand what is happening to us and what it implies for our future? Using his unique multi-level approach, Ruben Nelson will explore the big picture of societal change and why it is occurring now. He will also explore the unseen consciousness which is being carried by each of these drivers of change – a new consciousness that will be the basis of a truly post-industrial future.

Ruben will contrast our emerging future with our still-largely-Industrial present. Finally, he will consider the main challenges and opportunities presented by this transformation.

Ruben Nelson, Canada’s most experienced practitioner and teacher of strategic foresight, will explore these matters with us. In the process, he will stretch our minds and touch our hearts. He is a born and bred Albertan who has worked in every sector and province of Canada. He is equally comfortable in board rooms, conference halls, and church basements.

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