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Charmaine Hammond
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Building healthy and productive teams in workplaces is essential to surviving change. Healthy and resilient teams will be most prepared for an economic upturn and ongoing organizational dynamics. Many teams, such as project teams, are designed for one specific purpose, and are diverse in their composition. All teams experience challenges with specific aspects of team such as communication, trust, synergy, authenticity, relationship, accountability, process, and results.

Building a team is one thing, “being” a team is quite another! Let Charmaine show you how.

In her keynote address, Teamwork by Design, Charmaine will share the solutions to the three of the eight hurdles that challenge teams the most: trust, conflict/courageous dialogue and accountability. In a workshop format, Charmaine will help your team:

  1. Discover eight hurdles that each team struggles with at some point, and solutions to overcome the hurdles
  2. Identify their working style and learn how to work more effectively with others
  3. Learn the five essentials for building teams by design (not default)

Both presentations are great stand-alone speaking engagements that will truly transform your audience members, compel them to do things differently, challenge them to reach beyond their current grasp and to excel beyond everyone’s expectations.

Charmaine’s keynote on Teamwork by Design, followed by her workshop on the same subject, will give team members and your staff the motivation and practical means to have a lasting positive impact. Charmaine’s presentations will profoundly affect the way your teams function to compete in today’s world.

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