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“ a great workshop for sustaining healthy teamwork in the workplace”

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Michael Garska
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Michael Garska is an expert in teambuilding, masterminding and mentoring. His teambuilding workshop is unique. It is designed to have lasting affect. Michael will introduce participants to Napoleon Hills’ definition of masterminding. “When two or more minds come together a third invincible intangible force, likened to a third mind is created.”

Using existing masterminds, a group of people with a collective objective, Michael will help participants identify their potential and capitalize on them. He will also help the group create new masterminds where they need to be created or adjust processes in existing ones. These masterminds will do wonders to build and generate an “esprit do corps” within the group and prove to have a lasting effect on the cohesiveness, effectiveness and productivity of every group and sub-group in your organization. The group will discuss how mentoring works within your groups now and how subtle changes may have a positive affect.

Together, workers will develop a unique sustainable plan complete with regular checks and balances to ensure the team’s success. In the workshop, participants will discuss the implementation of your one-year teamwork plans and initiatives and help keep each person on the team accountable. The workshop will be unique, exciting, dynamic and fun.

Michael will start the program by laying the ground rules for communication techniques and word choice, through the explanation of the natural ‘HIP’ (Human Interaction Process) to help eliminate conflict and other impediments to teambuilding. The Human Interaction Process happens automatically as we interact with others. It’s a five step process that kicks in when we communicate with one another:

  1. One of our five senses kicks in.
  2. A thought and a perception are triggered.
  3. An emotion is triggered. Thoughts and emotions happen simultaneously whether we like it or not. It’s like electric and magnetic energy. They always co-exist.
  4. An intention is derived.
  5. We act in some way. Choosing and speaking words is action. Silence is action. Through our facial expressions and body language, we are acting - even by just thinking and feeling. The workshop will touch on effective word choice in difficult situations and the choice of appropriate humour.

Michael Garska’s Team Building With a Difference workshop will also cover the power of choice —
“Respond-Ability” in relation to responsibility. Above all, it will be fun as participants together choose to work as a team, stick to a sustainable plan of action and keep themselves accountable for their respective roles within the group.

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) email: info@speakersalberta.com

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