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By Patricia Morgan
Member: Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta©

Sunny Side Up

The power of joyful living!

A formidable keynote.

It’s easy to beam when things go well but can you smile when you really want to yell? Do you clench your teeth when the neighbor’s dog leaves an unwelcome deposit, another driver cuts you off in traffic or your co-worker leaves her dirty dishes in the office sink? If you let petty grumbles pull you down, you can become physically ill and emotionally miserable in your interactions—with yourself and others.

While lightening up is undervalued and underutilized, it can help you better juggle the balls of life, bust stress, think creatively, manage change, increase morale, ease communication and keep those blues away.

Indeed the biggest joke on the planet just might be how seriously you take yourself.

Take an enthused initiative! Create some fun in your fundamental day. Learn 15 ways to uplift your perspective and realize the power of a smile, share a laugh, better engage with others, think like an optimist, appreciate what’s working for you and delight with simple yet meaningful surprises. Inspiring stories will motivate you to lighten your load and brighten your outlook.

You and your group will be ready to:

  • Re-capture what you always knew from childhood; it’s important to have fun
  • Smile and tell your brain; life includes joy
  • Think like an optimist and practice gratitude
  • Create cheerful surprises for yourself and others
  • Celebrate the people in your life now
  • Make a quick, meaningful and positive difference
  • Express your personal “fun factor”

“I learned what a positive influence we can be with such little effort.” Darell Peter, Foster Parent

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