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Secrets to Successful Entrepreneurialism

Marty Park
Member, Speakers' Bureau of Alberta©
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Marty Park founded, owned and managed no less than eleven successful enterprises. He has also coached many CEO's through remarkable turn-arounds. He knows about: 1) The importance of profit, 2) Living a "RICH LIFE " at work, at home and at play, 3) Getting the most out of every single day, 4) Abundance, 5) Meaningful relationships and 6) Leaving a lasting legacy. Starting a new company is the easy part. The key to achievement is growth, performance, selling more, more often, and outstanding customer service.
Marty will guide you and your business associates. His dynamic presentation, Secrets to Successful Entrepreneurialism, provides great shortcuts on how to overcome the challenges of running a growing business. His presentation offers many lessons for entrepreneurs and business people everywhere. Each lesson is defined by real life stories. Many are quite humourous. Apply Marty's tools and ideas for growth and performance in your business and in your home life.
New businesses must rely on sales. Marty introduces participants to the concept of "Leadership Selling." Leadership Selling follows an important adage: "lead, guide and help; don't just sell."
Marty believes in becoming a "Service Titan." What drives business and gets people talking about your organization is "OIM SERVICE - Outrageous, Incredible, Memorable Service." This isn't just a smile. It's systems, details and a spirit that moves people to love your brand and buy more often.
Finally, your enterprise will not succeed if you haven't become skilled in Marty's "Seven Keys to Mastering People in Business". These seven keys focus on the secrets behind how customers buy, why employees stay and how managers lead. When you learn to address and master the seven keys, you will find staff turnover stops, customers rave about your organization and people step up to lead it.

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