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-Stronger People--Stronger Teams line

Self Awareness, Communication & Team Building . Length: 1 day (6 hours) Maximum 40 people

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Cheryl King
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The 21st Century workplace is challenging. We all are dealing with change, trying to do more with less, and learning how to work well in teams. This is particularly true for frontline staff and for those who work in the human services like health care or education.
The daily pressures can erode the most optimistic attitude sometimes. As fatigue and stress build, it is easy to slip into patterns that don’t serve us well and that erode team effectiveness. This is a day to revisit essential concepts and practice skills to stay strong both as individuals and as teams.

This one day workshop will help your staff address:

Self Awareness & Self Management
• perception and attitude
• personal factors which influence your response to events
• self awareness checklist
• activities that build emotional intelligence
• strategies for building a positive attitude
• communication: what doesn’t work!
• communication builders: speaking and listening skills
• positive reinfocement
• giving & receiving feedback
Team Fitness
• essential team functions: task & maintenance
• motivation: what energizes team members?
• effective team behaviors & sabotaging behaviors
• strategies to monitor team fitness
Stress Management
• sources of stress & effects of stress
• managing stress at a personal level
• managing team/workplace stress

Workshop Outcomes:
By the end of this session, you will have had an opportunity to:

• learn more about yourself
• create/build a stonger more cohesive team
• practise activities to that promote positive attitudes
• review communication, team and stress management skills
• create a short personal action plan

What They’re Saying: Participant Feedback ‘Great ‘hands-on’ and useful for at home and work’ ‘Very timely, refreshing workshop that reaches the heart’ ‘Amazing and inspirational woman. Motivating, down to earth presenter’
‘Even with her voice almost depleted, her ENERGY and VIBE still came through. The whole workshop was a complete joy!!’

Innovative Graphic Murals
A unique option is to have Cheryl prepare a large-scale 4’x6’ graphic mural capturing key ideas, details and outcomes. This colorful storyboard reminds the group of their work and decisions.

Please take a look at the sample murals Innovative Graphic Murals

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