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Marshall Ennis
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Marshall Ennis is a strong, proven and articulate motivational keynote speaker. Marshall's customized, multi-media motivational keynotes are a complete way to show you the tools of linking the body and mind to conquer any challenge in your path. As individuals and teams, you have the tools to “Be Strong at Whatever you Do”. Marshall, like no other, convinces audience members that “you can achieve anything”.

Marshall Ennis makes a remarkably strong impression… whether he’s bending steel bars, tossing a Highland caber, or chained between two cars trying to drive away in opposite directions. Marshall inspires people to rework their ideas about limitation and potential. “If your mind can conceive it and your spirit can believe it, your body can do it” – that’s the heart of Marshall’s message.

Marshall’s powerful keynote, Strong in Body, Stronger in Mind is most useful when it is followed by his practical workshop Maximize Your Potential. The workshop can also be a “stand-alone” participative workshop. It has merit and can prove to be constructive to any group at anytime.

During this workshop, Marshall works with audience members, companies and organizations to show them how to be the best in their field and to stay ahead of the competition – way ahead. He arms participants with the equipment and methodologies they need to fill their virtual toolbox to build the foundation to achieve any collective organizational goal or any personal objective. Marshall shares with you how to discover your potential by learning from our mistakes, capitalizing on our failures and building on our shortcomings to succeed – succeed beyond everyone’s expectations.
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