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Sell More, More Often
Keys to Successful Sales

Marty Park
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In tight economic times, sales are more important than ever. Marty Park. entrepreneur and business maverick can help your sales team sell more, more often. Marty’s presentation, “Sell More, More Often”, can be delivered as a full-day workshop (8 hours), for two hours weekly over a month. “Sell More, More Often” will infuse our sales staff with ideas, tips and the inspiration to make them succeed and develop and maintain a larger more profitable customer base for your company. Marty will help you establish a new standard for your organizational team at every point of customer interaction. He’ll explain how to create a culture and environment of facility, hospitality, innovation and genuine customer service by going through the sales process from the customer point of view. Superior service generates more sales and Marty will show you how it’s done. Win customers and grow your market share.

What “ Sell More, More Often” can do for YOU:

  • Build service and hospitality into your corporate culture so that it is an expectation and not an option
  • Understand the dynamics of prospective customers, their expectations and how they are reactive to you and your service approach
  • Utilize personality styles and Modalities of Communication - what they mean, how to rapidly identify them, and how to sell to them
  • Identify ways to “WOW” your existing clients and prospects with changes to your current service process
  • Create service programs that use the best of your staff’s ideas and innovations
  • Systemize your selling process so it works consistently across your whole team
  • Establish the financial benefits to the company and your team by providing memorable service to clients
  • Learn to diffuse situations with hostile customers and how to ensure these situations never arise
  • Introduce you to Master Deliberate Communication skills so you are never misunderstood and your attention to detail aids in managing client expectations
  • Sales Timing - how to use the time with prospects effectively, keep them interested and get them to a decision quickly
  • Creating the Experience - how to maximize their five senses in every aspect of your service and your product to get them bragging about your company and team

More Information:

1.866.420.3338 toll free.
email: info@speakersalberta.com

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