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By Garth Roberts
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Self-Management Wins Over Time-Management Every Day

Time management … there isn’t such an animal. It’s all self-management. Nothing more, nothing less. We challenge participants to determine where their self-management is going astray, and provide tools to assist in staying on or getting on track. This three hour time management workshop will be designed to meet your group’s specific needs.

Our focus: planning, communication and follow-up. How well are you at completing each step

1. Planning – let your imagination lead the way, not astray.

a. Know Yourself. Where are you now?

i. What’s working for you?
ii. What could be improved?
iii. What distractions slow you down? Why?
iv. Who slows you down? Why?
v. Where do you want to be?
vi. Tools to assist in self-management

2. Communication – your team can’t follow you or assist you if they don’t understand you

a. Recognize your communication style – poor communication (yours or other’s) eats away valuable time
b. Identify the communication needs of colleagues and co-workers
c. Put a plan in place to bridge any gaps

3. Follow-up – everyone’s least popular step saves time and dollar

a. Honest inventory of the not followed-up project
b. Identify the pattern in your lack-of-follow-up world
c. Tools to assist in follow-up

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