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Yvonne Thompson
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Energize and Empower safety professionals to realize the power of Self-Leadership, Self-Responsibility and Self Reliance.
This lively and engaging presentation takes a quick look at the history of safety leadership and explores the future possibilities when we each take a personal and committed role to LEADING-SELF.
If we keep doing the same thing we cannot expect to get different results. We can improve safety results through Leading-Self while becoming a fabulous role model for others.
This presentation connects the dots from Leadership to Safety Results. The focus is on personal SELF-Leadership that creates a work environment based on responsible self-management for improved safety.

Delegates will explore, discover and learn:

  • Where we have been in our safety roles
  • Where we are going?
  • Connecting to the newest employee in a way that they can receive important safety information
  • Creating Organic Influence
  • Shedding the Victim Mentality
  • Personal and Professional Alignment
  • Re-engage, Self-direct and Empower

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