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By Patricia Morgan
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The Rubber Band Principle
Strategies for Strengthening Your Resiliency

Never say, “That’s too hard,” again. You can increase your capacity to face and recover from challenge such as too much to do, too many setbacks and too rapid change at work and home. Resilience is more than just picking yourself up after a fall. It’s how you choose to handle difficult situations. When life throws you a small or significant blow it’s about mustering up the courage to stay steady. When you err it’s about honestly reflecting on the situation, admitting your part, identifying the cause, learning from it and taking action to avoid reoccurrence. You’ll make yourself your own hero.

The Rubber Band Principle says “You do your best and let go the rest.” You’ll hear the danger of comparing yourself to Robust Roberta or Hardy Harry and learn strategies to better manage stress. You’ll walk away with 15 practical tools. For example you learn how to identify the early onset of body distress, quickly let go of unnecessary strain, stop blaming yourself or others, clearly define the problem, focus on solutions and tame your negative thought chatter. Discover that: "You’re stronger than you think."

You and your group will be ready to:

  • Realize that your body does not lie
  • Avoid migraines, flues and even a heart attack by listening to your body
  • Use 30 Second Quickies to better care for your body, vitality and productivity
  • Replace negative thoughts with uplifting positive ones to increase your optimism, workplace satisfaction and peacefulness
  • Change habits of blame, worry and perfectionism
  • Take yourself lightly to better focus on important matters at work and home

“Patricia gave us a positive and fun spin on being more resilient at work, including leaving some worry behind.” Amy Oshanyk, ATB Financial MasterCard

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