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Joan Marie Galat
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Writing skills are not all it takes to achieve success in publishing. According to Joan: "It takes passion, determination, perseverance, hard work, and considerable research."

How do you go from generating an original idea, to completing a manuscript, to selling your words? How do you know if your idea is saleable? What constitutes a best-seller? Is it possible to sell first and write later? Do you need an agent? Where do you find one? How do you know if your writing is any good?

Joan Marie Galat will teach you The Business of Getting Published. A successful, multiple award-winning, published author, Joan's workshop and keynote examines what potential authors need to know—from protocol and process to markets and medium. Her dynamic presentation examines the route traditionally published books follow and explores the daunting option to self-publish.

While self-publishing can lead to a lucrative writing career, it can also result in a modest short-term triumph or serve as a quick route to financial ruin and public humiliation. Learn what works best for you, under what circumstances, and in which markets.

Traditionally, book publishing involves managing editors, text editors, designers, illustrators, photographers, lawyers, distributors, sales people—a team if you're very lucky—and good proofreaders too! There may be content consultants, indexers, and also if you're fortunate, a publicist or even two. Where does the author fit into these multiple relationships? How do you determine what specialists you need and who can you trust?

Gain insight into how changing technology impacts the business of publishing and discover how to launch a writing career by turning your ideas into successful books.

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