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By Patricia Morgan
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Pressure Proofing
How to Calm Down and Lighten Up

A practical and engaging workshop

Some of us boast about how busy and pressured we are saying, “I can’t. I’m sooooo busy.” Stress may be nothing more than a socially accepted form of illness but it is definitely avoidable. Imagine saying, I make decisions to help me stay steady, focused and calm.

The healthier your lifestyle, the stronger you become and better able to feel some fear and take action anyway. You actually require some challenge in your day or life becomes boring and meaningless. The trick is to not let your challenges grow into major problems which create too much demand, strain and pain.

It’s a matter of resilience—realizing what is in your control and managing what happens as best you can with a set of strengthening tools. In this upbeat and practical ‘how-to’ session you will learn over 25 ways to minimize unnecessary stress. Discover what to do with your emotions, habitual and agitating thoughts and physical discomfort while increasing your sense of personal mastery and fun factor. In a world that invites you to panic, pressure proof yourself to become stress hardy.

You and our group will:

  • Assess your distress (frantic, frenzied or simply fried?). You will identify life changes in your last year.
  • Learn how to limit and handle unnecessary stress.
  • Try out five relaxing 30 Second Quickies, easy ways to release tension
  • Identify and deal with your top energy drainers at work, home on the drive home
  • Edit distressing self talk into supportive and calming messages
  • Transform daily annoyances into a smile

“Just being in the same room as Patricia Morgan is a stress reliever.” Kay Olsen, Women in Business, Medicine Hat

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 toll free info@speakersalberta.com

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