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Dan Ohler

Personality Dimensions®
A highly interactive workshop to increase communication and organizational effectiveness

As a leader and worker, have you seen, heard, or experienced these things at your workplace: disagreements, misperceptions, arguments, and maybe even conflict?

Have you noticed the time, energy, and productivity that are lost to these “human inconveniences”? There is a huge cost financially, and they are morale-busters too.

If you want to minimize these challenges, Dan Ohler’s workshop on Personality Dimensions® is for you. ’s a highly interactive, informative, and fun workshop gives your team the communication skills they need for greater clarity, understanding, and effectiveness.Your team will grow based on thistruth: there is comfort in similarity; immense strength in differences.

An added bonus is that Personality Dimensions® be used effectively anywhere you communicate with people, from your corporate boardroom to your family dining room.

Yes, there was science behind this: Jung, Kiersey, Myers-Briggs, Lowry, and Berens.

However, Dan the “psycho” out of it and gives you practical and useable knowledge that anyone can apply. It’s the simplicity that makes this powerful.

Organizational Benefits:

  • Excellence in customer service Improved performance
  • Increased effectiveness of teams Improved morale
  • Enhanced cooperation Increased loyalty
  • Decreased conflict Reduced distress
  • Reduced sickness and absenteeism

Individual Benefits:

  • Appreciation of own strengths and talents
  • Understanding strengths of others
  • Appreciation of differences and diversity
  • Enhanced leadership and motivational skills
  • Improved problem-solving abilities
  • Improved conflict management skills .............. ...................

Only you know what is best for your team. Choose either a 3-hour Introductory workshop or a 6-hour Comprehensive workshop. way, it will be tailored especially for your team and your challenges.

“Get Personality Dimensions® working for you.”

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) info@speakersalberta.com

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