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Dr. Joe Pavelka
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Dr. Joe Pavelka

Balancing Home and Work –
It’s Not About Time: Rediscovering Leisure in a Changing World

This presentation will open your andience’s eyes and minds. It will smash pre-conceived notions about free time and leisure. It will offer a different perspective to not only survive our fast-paced world, but thrive in it. It will be based on Joe best-selling book of It’s Not About Time. This presentation is suited for any audience. It provides valuable insights into what we do daily and why we do what we do. The answer to balancing home and work life will surprise you. It’s seamless living - a dynamic solution to achieving serenity. It’s within everyone’s reach; it’s just matter of identifying it and grasping it.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism, ecotourism, green tourism what is it? Why should we care? Is it a trend or a genuine new direction in how we travel? These are important questions that are affecting the way we travel and even think of travel. Joe will rely on his extensive background and travels throughout Canada and Latin America to present insights, challenges, amazing images, and healthy does of humour to help us understand this multi-billion dollar business. This is a great session for any tourism or leisure conference or group.

Our Relationship with the Natural World –
Everyday Research Ads Up!

Our relationship with the natural world today is critically important. It is perhaps the key to the success or failure of our planet. Yet we know very little about this relationship in a way that helps us make sense of it all. In this presentation, Joe will draw upon his unique research in advertising, culture, tourism and societal trends to deliver a visually dynamic presentation. He’ll use everyday advertisements of everyday products to present clear concise insights into how we actually see ourselves in relation to the natural world. Given current trends, where children are seldom exposed to nature, Joe will show us where this important relationship leads us in the future. Audiences made up of environmentalists, scientific communities, the tourism industry and recreation will be awakened by Joe’s explanation of “our mirrored perspective” and the planet. This is a truly unique keynote. It is well-suited for any group keen to gain insight into the natural world and our interdependent relationship to it.

Changing Patterns of Recreation and Tourism –
The Leisure Shift: From Free Time to Seamless Living

This keynote is designed to illuminate a variety of trends and issues in the world of leisure, recreation and travel in a dynamic, visual and highly entertaining manner. This presentation is based on over twenty years of research into trends and what the trends mean to the consumer and industry alike. It will get people thinking and open their minds and hearts to new ways of approaching and managing recreation and tourism.

Why Stop Here?

Joe Pavelka has reputation for enjoying life to the fullest. This presentation is pure inspiration! Joe will have fun with the audience providing insightful and inspirational looks at the various lessons he has learned and how he is able to convert ideas into great life-long projects. The audience will laugh aloud with Joe. They will gain confidence as he proves to them that “the world is not as scary as it is made out to be”.
Why stop here - especially when the sky’s the limit.

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