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Outrageous Women of Ancient Times
A keynote or workshop

Debra Debow Photo

Debra Debow is an expert in matters relating to Women in Ancient Times. She has devoted 25 years of study on the unique subject.

In this light-hearted, upbeat and often hilarious keynote or workshop, Debra introduces audience members to heroines of ancient times including: poets, pyramid builders and princesses that made a veritable difference in their day and the female courageous decisions they made that still affect us today.

Debra, in her presentation Outrageous Women of Ancient Times gives us a humorous but accurate synopsis of the vital and important lives of brave and fascinating women. Women like Hatshepset, the female pharaoh and Sappo, the lively poet. All personalities and historic figures are explored with an airy humour and a light-hearted touch filled with cultural tidbits.

Rendered in a zippy, energetic fashion, using props symbolizing the women and conversations with them, Debra's presentation will take audiences on an historic, "Herstoric", journeys through vignettes of heroines that rocked their world and times.

These "outrageous" women lived outside the box and outside the norm. "They made a difference!" Each outrageous woman packs a powerful message that remains relevant today; from them, we can still glean valuable insights into:

  • "What makes a woman tick"
  • Decisions from the heart
  • Standing in our power Living with passion
  • Taking risks
  • Living big.

Audiences will ponder expansion of their own gifts and magnification of their own dreams as they laugh and learn through these delightful "Herstory" lessons.

  1. During this presentation audiences will:
  2. Laugh out loud
  3. Identify and evaluate their personal strengths
  4. Become attuned to listening to inner guidance
  5. Commit to expanding unique aspects of themselves
  6. Gain confidence from the foundation provided by the stories
  7. Consider expanding their potency of vision
  8. Explore making conscious choices for the future based on the belief in new possibilities
  9. Reconsider the power of taking risks and thinking big.
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