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Alvin Law Photo

No Such Thing as Can’t

by Alvin Law
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Alvin’s sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always honest observations allow his audience to enter into his life and feel both the pain and elation. As Alvin tells his audience, “When you believe in yourself, any handicap can be overcome, the key is your attitude.” Alvin’s infectious attitude is one everyone should be a witness to. His presentations are a masterful mixture of stories, lessons learned and the power of positive attitude. Alvin leaves his audiences in awe as he serenades them with classical piano and a heart-pounding drum roll–all done with his feet.

"I have just received an education from you in attitude, in overcoming adversity and in celebrating one’s life. I found at various moments your presentation to be filled with such emotion that I was close to tears, and yet at other moments I was chuckling with laughter." McKeough Supply Inc.

What a Standing Ovation Looks like:
“I heard you at my son's Junior High. Your message was pertinent to all ages, your delivery outstanding, your wit fantastic. Your presentation should be required attendance before graduating from any form of medical school”. Mary Massery, Faculty Member, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL.

“I cannot recall seeing fifth graders as attentive in an assembly as they were during your presentation. On a personal note, your thoughts have encouraged me to rethink the entire concept of 'differences'.” Peter Keegan, Director Admin., School District 96, Buffalo Grove, IL.

“Your presentation was a perfect climax to our conference, blending perfectly with our theme, 'challenge change & collaboration'. All of us will have a distinct mental picture to recall in the future that 'anything is possible with the right attitude'.” Beulah A. Brunsdon, University of Lethbridge, Alberta

“Your program at our Chamber of Commerce 'power breakfast' is still being talked about. Not even Special K with naturally grown strawberries packs such a punch. A colleague remarked that your presentation is something that he will remember for the rest of his life.” Rodney McLean, Moose Jaw Chamber of Commerce, Saskatchewan

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