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-Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills line

"Solving disagreement through skilled discussion"
Maurice Fritze Photo

By Maurice Fritze
Member: Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta©

This seminar offers skill development in critical areas:

  • Improve your own communication [what to say that has impact]
  • Ask questions that reveal motivation [how to get behind their position]
  • Learn a roadmap for a productive negotiation [how to stay organized]
  • Present your case more powerfully [your ability to frame your arguments]
HOne your skills with a one day seminar.

The process of dispute resolution through negotiation involves an interplay of facts, emotions, demands and solutions. Whether your negotiation is between parties to a contract, or to resolve a dispute that negatively impacts on your workplace, you need a process that gives you a proven approach, methodology, models, and frameworks that can move the discussion through stages towards resolution or positive outcomes.

You will learn:

  • Five different ways people respond to conflict
  • The role of your beliefs and values when they collide with other's beliefs and values
  • How to focus on interests rather than positions
  • How to frame an issue
  • A model for negotiation
  • The role of questions to sustain, maintain or resurrect a negotiation.

There is time for reflection, small group work, role plays and table discussion. You will learn your own style of resolving conflict or negotiation. Maurice recommends that each participant purchase a self-scoring personal assessment booklet, Conflict is for the Birds©. The per person price is $15.

More Information: Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta© 1.866.420.3338 info@speakersalberta.com

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