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Dr. Austin Mardon
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Dr. Austin Mardon is an expert in Mental Health in the Workplace. Diagnosed with Schizophrenia, he soon realized the limitations of his work life. As the Past-President of the Alberta Schizophrenia Society, he encountered numerous cases where workplaces were not conducive to a healthy mental health.
What can you do about it?

Here are the facts: One in four employees is likely to suffer from depression in their lifetime. The cost to the Canadian economy is staggering. It’s estimated at $51 billion annually. Absenteeism, lower productively, sick time and drug costs all add up. In a new survey, almost 80% of participants reported that mental health issues have increased in importance compared to three to five years ago. Respondents, about 85% of whom were human resources representatives, reported that only 13% of senior executives have a strong awareness of the impact of mental health on the organization. A recent study by the Public Health Agency of Canada estimated that 13% of the adult population in Canada have either been diagnosed with a mental illness or are undiagnosed. However, 46% of respondents reported that they have 5% or fewer employees who experience mental illness in a year. – Mercer

Dr. Mardon can teach participants how to increase Mental Health in the Workplace. He can present this information through a workshop or during a dynamic keynote address:

  • Removing the stigma of mental disease can do wonders to assist employees to recognize their problem and do something about it.
  • Learning to recognize the tell-tale signs of mental illness will assist co-workers to support their colleagues constructively rather than complain about symptoms. What are the tell-tale signs? What does a colleague do when he/she recognizes them?
  • Encouraging a support system of colleagues can increase the chance of overcoming a mental illness by 34%. How do you enlist their support?
  • How can an employer reduce stress for the mentally ill in the workplace?
  • Often bosses act like bullies and they contribute to a worker’s mental disease. What can be done to train bosses to be empathetic and supportive? What skills can they learn to engage employees rather than diminish their capacity through demeaning comments and actions?
  • What outside support systems are available to the worker that is suffering from depression and/or a mental illness?

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