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By Patricia Morgan
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The Lighter Side of Work
How to find fun at work

A workshop designed to help increase your productivity while making your workplace a better more inviting place to invest time.

It is a myth that seriousness is a healthy standard for the workplace. It is also a myth that having a sense of fun means you are known for rousing others into ripples of laughing convulsions. Simply Lightening up can create a welcoming and humane environment. Lightening up is undervalued and underutilized but it can help you better problem solve, manage change, increase morale, ease communication and have energy left for tomorrow.

Viktor Frankl is famous for finding reasons to sing and smile even while in a Nazi death camp. If he could, you can. With no suggestion that your work resembles a prison, you will hear how jail guards, who took this workshop, created a healthy laugh about their difficult job and themselves.

Learn light-hearted strategies such as self-deprecation.

Learn comedy formulas such as turning bad news into good news and the use of exaggeration. You will improve connection, productivity and team work. When work becomes upbeat, fun and relaxed it no longer feels like work. Perhaps you’ll hear yourself say, “Yeah! It’s Monday morning!”

You and your group will:

  • Practice two easy lighteners (smiles and laughter) to improve workplace relationships, productivity, teamwork and satisfaction
  • Increase your ability to laugh at yourself and refocus on work
  • Learn the age old art of self deprecation to ease tension, make yourself approachable and perceived as human
  • Take away 13 fun surprise ideas to enliven the workplace
  • Play the It Could Be Worse game. Exaggeration hits the funny bone. Prizes for the worst imagined workplace disaster
  • Inject joy. Be pro-active to increase your happiness at work and elsewhere
  • See the humour in workplace distress—change, deadlines or those you perceive as difficult

“Valued the laughter, the stress releasing strategies, lightening up to be myself. It is ok to laugh, play and have fun at work.” Vera Hickey, Program Coordinator, Health Care Facility

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 toll free info@speakersalberta.com

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