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Lighten Up and Laugh
"For Health Care Professionals"

Jody Urquhart Photo

Health care professionals consistently ignite the fires of hope in others. They are expected to encourage their patients and colleagues to remain positive, upbeat and confident about their future. What does the health care worker do to keep his/her optimistic outlook?

Jody Urquhart is an acclaimed expert on the subject of Lighten up and Laugh, especially as it applies to health care field. She has presented this topic to countless health-related conferences across North-America. She readily acknowledges that "working in health care can be complex, challenging, and chaotic - especially in this age of increased regulations and diversity of staff."

Join Jody for this motivational presentation. Discover how laughing at our stress and the absurdity and intensity of our work is "the only serious way to survive it."

In Lighten Up and Laugh, health care leaders and workers learn how to inspire a spirited and resilient workforce that stays focused on providing the most compassionate care possible. Jody's presentation can be delivered in keynote or in workshop form or both at the same conference.

Here are some of the learning outcomes for participants:

  • How humor helps you survive
  • The benefits of living a more joyful, humor-filled life
  • To celebrate a surviving spirit through humor
  • How a splash of humor always improves your mood
  • To use humor, laughter, and play to breathe renewed passion into health care
  • Attract and retain health-care professionals
  • Use the art and science of humor to create a resilient and healthy workforce
  • Bring more JOY to the workplace
  • Create a fun culture of service excellence
  • Eradicate employee dissatisfaction
  • Recognize the signs of a miserable job
  • Deal with patient satisfaction and staffing issues
  • Deal with errors and mistakes without crippling employee confidence or damaging team morale.

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