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"Why burgers and fries are your secret weapon."

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Andrea Holwegner
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Andrea Holwegner can deliver this presentation in either keynote or workshop form. The key benefits of her exposition are an improved workplace, employee wellness, improved health, better attitudes toward work, the management of stress and markedly increased productivity.

This session is a perfect fit for mostly male audiences with demanding, high-stress jobs that are looking for a relevant content-rich session that is also FUN.

Yes it is true – "Burgers and fries with your buddies can actually keep you healthy!" You don't need to be perfect in order to achieve good health. In order to be successful you need to be flexible and have fun!

Andrea has a mission to help you reduce stress and achieve health without guilt and complexity. As the Chocoholic Nutritionist, Andrea is known for her approachability and balanced message regarding health and good living. She is a foodie, a die-hard chocoholic and married to a wine importer whose carnivorous eating habits have earned him the nickname "meat-head."

Andrea is well known for her energy and for providing easy steps and simple solutions for busy people that want to look and feel their best. She has the ability to translate the complex science of medicine, nutrition and health into easy to understand, relevant strategies you can use immediately.

Outside of inspiring better personal health, Andrea also inspires delicious ways to improve workplace satisfaction. She advocates that food builds relationships and that any organization can build better workplace culture, productivity and profits simply by eating together.


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