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By Patrick Tower
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Leadership is a CHOICE. Choose to LEAD.

Patrick Tower, will fashion the session to meet your organization’s most important or urgent needs in support of leadership development, team building, operational effectiveness, planning, morale building, and recruitment and retention.
Patrick Tower will enable businesses to focus on how to improve their operations now without capital investment. He kindles practical strategies that any organization can employ to:

  • Fill their ranks with well trained, highly motivated and mission focussed leaders, who without hesitation, can and will step forward to lead when victory hangs in the balance.
  • Eliminate employee apathy and create cohesive, goal oriented teams within a corporate culture defined by mission readiness and core values, such as integrity, loyalty and accountability
  • Develop training programs and initiatives that will set the standard within your industry.
  • Recruit, train and retain the best candidates.
  • Design a creative approach to effectively plan and execute operations, factoring all relevant circumstances and combining rational analysis with intuition and experience.
  • Dominate the competition by instilling an attitude of “market supremacy” not “market share”

His seminars and training sessions will focus on any of the following of Patrick’s areas of expertise:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building and Cultivating a Corporate Culture
  • Followership
  • Mentoring
  • Operational and Tactical Planning
  • Presentation Skills, Instructional Techniques and Training Development
  • Recruiting and Retention

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 toll free info@speakersalberta.com

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