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Bruno Wiskel’s motivational talk for agricultural organizations is an eclectic mix: 1) one part biography, 2) one part innovation and 3) one part Technicolor dream, at times stirring, but never shaken. Served on a bed of real life experience with a side of agricultural revelation, it is spiced to perfection with a dash of humour and a pinch of “Hope for Tomorrow”.

Bruno purchased a half-section of land 150 km north of Edmonton in 1988 and has grown his business by diversifying from traditional commodities and inventing and implementing cutting edge agricultural and marketing techniques. Bruno's presentations combine knee-slapping humour with real life knowledge as an entrepreneur and small business owner who has increased his income from $30,000 per year to $30,000 per month while at the same time decreasing his workload from all day-everyday to less than 40 hours a week for six months of the year. Learn how to apply his principles of success to grow your agricultural enterprise.

If you are tired of the same old monotone after-dinner speaker at your next agricultural function, then you may want to consider Bruno Wiskel to wake up the pyrogy-stuffed crowd. Bruno lives by the credo "An audience cannot learn anything while it is sleeping".

With presentations described as "Wildly Entertaining", "Hit of the Evening" and "One of the most appropriate and informative evening that I have enjoyed in a long time", it’s a small wonder that Bruno has been working his articulate magic at over twenty events a year across Western Canada.

Bruno has spoken in front of agricultural service boards, producer associations, diversification of agriculture seminars, woodlot organizations, farm woman's conferences and gardening clubs, and that was just in the last year. He is acclaimed as an expert in The Joy of Farming.

Bruno can deliver the Joy of Farming – The Prosperous Farmer as a keynote address or as workshop. He also delivers workshops specifically tailored for the agriculture industry that are ideal as breakout sessions at your next Ag. Conference. His seminars include The Rural Millionaire - 21 Secrets to Marketing Agricultural Products, Diversify or Die, and The Art of Successful Negotiating.

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) email: info@speakersalberta.com

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