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How to Lead and Influence Others
"Follow Me, I'm Right Behind You"

Jody Urquhart Photo

Jody Urquhart states that nowadays: "The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority." In today's rapidly evolving workplace, strong leaders must work harder than ever to influence and engage others. This is particularly important in our modern multi-generational and multi-ethnic workplace.

Great leaders consistently ignite the fires of hope in others. Leaders today need tools to influence, energize and engage staff members and to keep their own fires of hope burning.

Through humor, insight and inspiration How to Lead and Influence Others provides a lively, interactive look at how to inspire a spirited and resilient workforce into a genuine team that stays focused and productive.

In this gut-splitting hilarious motivational presentation participants will learn:

  • How great leaders inspire and influence others
  • How to create a culture of respect and appreciation with four keys to a great recognition culture
  • How to acknowledge others without turning them off
  • How people who play together stay together
  • How humor helps you build a solid, resilient workforce
  • How to increase purpose and vision
  • How to create a sense of involvement and belonging
  • How to lead by seemingly following

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