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History-Making Teams
Aligning Smart People Who Don’t Think Alike

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Vik Maraj
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Our systems produce smart individuals. The paradox of smart individuals is that they are often challenged to be a smart group. We have organizations, institutions, governments that are filled with people who are high performers. At the same time, the world has massively reorganized itself. New performance outcomes and standards are required to be effective. These new performance outcomes demand that individuals come together to create and produce ideas, projects and innovations that no one of them can generate alone – much less implement alone.

In the absence of being able to unlearn the “me or you” mindset, we sometimes look to motivational gimmicks, personality assessment tools, team formulas about “storming and norming”. We may even learn to compensate for our lack of ability to work and be with different people with different views. All of these tools and models take effort to learn, understand and master and produce only incremental gains at best – when we can remember them.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships" Michael Jordan



Vik Maraj, in his History Making Teams, makes you think hard and rethink about what truly constitutes exceptional teamwork. What if you could just remove what was in the way versus working around it? What if it were possible to dissolve the artificial barriers into collective action and rapidly establish people’s natural drive to accomplish together? Teams of animals certainly don’t need to know each other’s personality, profile, or “score” – why would we? When's the last time you saw a team of ants exchanging their "colours" or gripe about leading?

What History Making Teams will do for your group:

  • Annihilate what you consider “best practice” for team building, and
  • Open up a whole new dimension to the understanding of team that will rapidly, deeply, and sustainably give you access to authentic and natural collaboration.
In this keynote or workshop, audience members will have to confront whether their team is just here to make or save money – or to make history?
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